Solar panels

Some of The Reasons People Are Choosing Solar

We are all facing power struggles. This is in our personal and business capacity. As the power grid struggles to keep up with an ever-growing world, the reasons for more power are becoming obvious. 


South Africa enjoys many days of sunshine. And it is free! Taking advantage of what is so readily available is the smart thing to do. 


What You Need to Know About Solar Energy. 


There are definite financial benefits in the long-term with the installation of solar. You might run a small enterprise or a large wine farm, hotel or shopping centre. Installing solar is the difference between paying large amounts of money to your energy supplier or putting money back into your bank. 


Remember-solar is good for the environment. It a clean, green source of energy. You can reduce your carbon footprint as there are no greenhouse gasses emitted. This safe and environmentally friendly option is a no-brainer for those of us keen on taking care of the environment. 


What Else You Need to Know About Solar. 


You can go off the grid. This will save you money, but also immense frustrations. Brownouts, blackouts, load shedding and power surges can damage your sensitive electronics. You won’t face huge electricity bills and ever-increasing hikes. The sun will never increase its rates plus it gives you security knowing your power will never go out. 


The sun is free and provides us with more than enough energy for us to use. Noone may monopolise this source of energy. No individual and no government body. From the moment you switch your solar power on, you will start saving moneySolar power is excellent in the long-term where you will reap huge financial rewards. 


The PHD Difference. How PHD Powerhouse is Making a Difference to Powering Your World. 


Let us make a difference to your energy usage. We show you how you can take full advantage of the sun and save money. It’s the smart thing to do. PHD Powerhouse saves you money by installing and supplying everything you need to move away from the grid. You will never look back.