How to Save Energy as Load Shedding Gains Momentum

South Africa’s national grid is in turmoil. We are facing an energy crisis. As more and more South Africans work from home, we need to save on electricity consumption.

Load shedding is here to stay. It is disruptive and damages sensitive equipment. The big question is, how prepared are you for an increase electricity demand?

As energy demand escalates during the Winter months, what are you doing to save energy? We all need to do our bit to lower energy consumption.

Is Losing Power the Only Option for Businesses in South Africa?

South Africa’s small businesses rarely have the budget for expensive equipment. This applies to home offices, too. PHD offers a wide range of options to prevent losing productivity.

How ready are you to join the club of independent power producers by going off the grid? Here are a few options people are turning to keep their businesses going despite the grid’s unreliability.

1. Solar Power

The South African climate is ideal for the use of solar power. More and more South Africans are installing solar power systems. This is perhaps the most energy efficient option businesses and individuals have. AS an added benefit, you can reduce your carbon emissions and footprint by installing solar.

2. Uninterruptible Power

Many are also investing in UPS systems with battery banks. Technology drives much of the world, so we must think outside of the box to keep connected. When a solar system is too expensive, a UPS can often give you the power you need to shut down sensitive electronics without damage or to finish up work.

3. Generators

Many business owners have chosen to purchase generators that keep their operations going during load shedding. Generators are a mid-priced solution. They are less expensive than solar but require constant investment in the form of fuel.

As energy demand increases, the private sector is hard-pressed to find solutions so that we can sustain economic growth in the country. This has become a countrywide crisis for everyone.

There is no need to lose productivity. You can choose one of the smart ideas we offer and save on energy costs. When you choose clever ways for energy savings, you can enjoy the benefits of a greener carbon footprint too.

How to Start Small and Save Big with Energy Savings

Have you developed a long- and short-term plan to save energy in your home? Are you taking steps to reduce power consumption? As South Africans, we risk load shedding now and in the cold winter months.

You can start small and lower your consumption significantly without spending massive amounts of money. Grid outages are a reality, which is why it is important that we reduce our energy usage wherever possible.

  • Install a solar water heater. You can find out more about where you can switch to solar energy to save big on using city power.
  • Switch off your electric geyser and pool pump when not in use.
  • Seal air leaks and use insulation wherever possible. Lost heat wastes money.
  • Find out which electrical appliances are energy guzzlers and take steps to cut back on using these wherever possible.
  • Washing machines with water saving options are a significant investment. They will cut back on energy usage.
  • Insulate your electric geyser.
  • Use the right water heater for your home office.
  • Lighting consumes large amounts of energy. Change your light fitting options to energy-efficient lights. LED globes are a good option.
  • Natural lighting saves on energy. Cut back any foliage to let as much natural light in as possible. Enjoy light and views while saving money.
  • Other ways to conserve energy is insulating your windows correctly. Natural light will flood your home office or business with sunlight while saving on energy bills 
  • Wherever possible, invest in energy-efficient appliances. This applies to home and office equipment. Get the best performance while using lower amounts of energy.

5 Clever Ideas to Keep Going When the Lights Fail You

Living in South Africa and the demand for electricity calls for creativity.

  1. Invest in the right equipment to reduce your reliance on the grid and increase your energy efficiency.
  2. Use surge protectors. They are inexpensive and help protect your equipment when the power comes back on. 
  3. Get the right UPS or a generator as a power backup system. A battery and inverter combo can also serve as an adequate backup to supply you with power during load shedding.
  4. Keep a flask of boiled water or invest in a gas two-plate stove. In this energy crisis, our creativity can bring us more convenience and comfort.
  5. Consider investing in solar energy. Thanks to financial plans available from providers, you can choose to pay of your system monthly.

What is Your Response to Energy Issues? Get Smart and Contact PHD Powerhouse for Answers.

Contact us today to find out how you can make a difference with alternative energy strategies. Find out how you can cut back on the amounts of energy consumed. South Africa is experiencing power shortages. A power outage every couple of days or weeks is our new reality.

Let’s try to make a difference. Additional load shedding is something we are all living with. Find out how you can save power. We offer a broad spectrum of power saving options. Don’t let power outages affect productivity. Get smart and find new ways to save on your utility bill while keeping the lights ablaze.