Black surge protectors

Protect Your Electronics as Lockdown Eases Off

Now more than ever before we need to protect our electronic systems as the economy plays catch-up. It is a hard fact that many companies will decide to let their employees work remotely from their home offices, as this will save money and time, although many businesses as they open their doors are trickling back to their formal work environments, offices, shops, factories and warehouses. 

In all probability, parents will also be homeschooling their children as this has become a more affordable and convenient method of education. It might work for many families that find the effort worthwhile educating their kids online. This does, however, mean that whether you are working from home or are home schooling the kids, or simply streaming Netflix for fun,  or working from an office, shop or factory, it is important to keep your systems on and functioning well at all times. 

Protect all those electronic gadgets from surges and dips, spikes and blackouts. The instability of the power grid can shorten the life span of sensitive PCs and other electronic equipment, plus we cannot afford any downtime especially now. Many of us experience severe thunderstorms during the summer months, too, making the protection of your sensitive electronic equipment from lighting strikes a huge priority. 

UPS, UPS SystemsStabilisers, Inverters, Surge and Lightning Protection; we offer technologically advanced power protection devices that will protect sensitive equipment and data in several applications across a wide range of industries. 

Keeping the power on at home and at the office should be the least of your worries with the COVID-19 virus playing havoc on the world at large. Moving forward realistically, the grid will play havoc on our economy and our lives in general. 

In South Africa, we face numerous power-related anomalies. PHD Powerhouse plays a role in providing solutions for several applications with solutions for diverse disciplines. 

Some of these include basic designs of DB board layouts, to the implementation of power solutions. Furthermore, we offer excellent aftersales service on all products and services. We can offer solutions for small and large businesses, private residences (home offices), offices, manufacturers, mines and more. 

Our trained complement of staff ensures that we provide the assistance that South Africans need with our full range of conditioning products that we bring to the South African market. 

 Let us advise you on which applications are best for your business regardless of where you decide to operate. If getting your business up and running properly as lockdown eases off, make power the least of your problems. Get a quote to find the right protection for your systems today.