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How Can I Protect My Electronics with Surge Protection?

You might discover that your electronics are not working after load shedding or an electrical storm. They were working before the storm or blackout. What went wrong?

Did you know that electrical surges short the circuit of electronic equipment instantly? Electronic devices are vulnerable when plugged into the wall. They degrade due to surges.

Some might not be immediate, as this can occur over time. Protective devices are very important. Here’s how surge protection can protect your electronic devices.

Why Are Power Surges Harmful to My Electronics?

The normal operating voltage of supply in South Africa is 220/230 volts. The frequency is 50HZ. You will experience power surges when the voltage flows at a greater frequency. This is when your devices receive more than the normal frequency from the utility company.

When the voltage level spikes, the power source causes an arc of electrical current. This generates heat. The extra heat is responsible for causing damage to sensitive circuit boards.

It will also affect any appliances or electrical devices if they are plugged into the wall outlet. Any malfunctions in the power grid or switching processes can cause an electrical surge. These in turn cause circuit breaker issues.

Lightning strikes are often another cause of surges that are often called lightning surges. Minor power surges are responsible for damaging household appliances and any connected equipment.

Protection from power surges is essential to safeguard your valuable equipment.

Appliances and units such as fridges and air conditioners are also damaged when switched on and off. These devices use a lot of power. When they are switched on, it strains the motors and compresses. This affects an appliance over time.

You need to investigate uninterruptible power supplies for electrical equipment that uses a lot of power. Or find out about a built-in surge protector that can help avoid damage to sensitive equipment and ensure a constant flow of electricity.

What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Power Surges?

You can use a number of power surge protectors to avoid permanent damage. PHD Powerhouse protects your sensitive equipment from power surges, blackouts, brownouts, and lightning by providing a wide variety of solutions.

You can make use of a common surge protector. A plug in surge protector is a good option, too. It’s important to invest in a quality surge protector for the best results.

A simple power strip can have a built-in surge protector designed to protect electronics when you experience unexpected power surges. A power strip will prevent power from flowing into devices plugged into the wall.

A voltage surge can damage electrical equipment and your circuit board. This happens when excess energy is released. A major surge could cause immediate damage, as could a direct lightning strike. Protect your electronic circuit boards with PHD’s DB Board Surge Protection.

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