Solar Systems South Africa

Solar Panels in The Workplace

The need to drastically reduce levels of energy consumption in residential and commercial environments means smart controls have an important role to play in managing energy usage significantly. Smart solutions equal greener buildings. It is now a necessity and not a luxury to think of ways and means to incorporate sophisticated and integrated green solutions; it is therefore not surprising that solar panels in the workplace and home play a major role.

Rising energy costs are making themselves felt in all aspects of our lives, particularly in the cost of running business or commercial premises. And while the “green building” concept is on the rise, having a truly energy efficient building is more than simply installing energy-efficient light bulbs or switching off the heating when you lock the door at the end of a work day.

What businesses really need are sophisticated and integrated smart solutions that save the business money on energy and costs across a range of areas – without having to think consciously about it all the time.

There are numerous reasons why solar panels in the workplace need to be taken seriously. South Africa is currently faced with manifold trials in providing reasonably priced, unsoiled and dependable energy in today’s multifaceted energy market due to the unrelenting rising demand for electricity, augmented energy prices and ecological concerns.

The threat to energy supply and security which is associated with climate change, high poverty levels and low access to energy affects all aspects of growth. These include public, financial and ecological characteristics, including livelihoods, access to water and agricultural productivity as well as health and education. All these factors place an enormous burden on the economic development of the country and also necessitates increased investments in energy infrastructure together with improvements in the positioning of renewable energy technologies, energy competence, access to up-to-date and unpolluted energy, and thus ensure the security of the energy supply.
Solar energy is one of the best options from a cleanliness aspect as there are no emissions that are produced when using PV.

South Africa is fortunate to have an abundance of solar radiation capacity that can be used to provide energy services such as space and water heating, thermal energy for industrial processes as well as power generation. Solar panels in the workplace will soon be the norm and not the exception.