How Power Backup Systems Help with Insurance

power backup systems

Some Insurance Companies Insist on Having Power Backup Systems

It makes sense to have UPS Systems and Power Protection for your refrigeration and cooling units when the power goes down – therefore it is unsurprising that many business insurance companies insist that restaurants, catering businesses, hotels, mining operations, industrial units, factories and pharmaceutical companies have these power backup systems installed.

The heat is on – literally – and South Africa is said to be in the fourth year of a severe drought. It does not take very long for food to spoil and medicines to become ineffective during a heatwave, or any other time of the year in a hot climate such as ours.

A battery backup system is not designed only for those long, cold wintry nights when the power has a habit of going out, but plays a major role in keeping offices, homes, restaurants, factories and other environments cool.

Air-conditioning is important in the workplace, but if you consider carefully, so are the cooling systems and plants of mining operations and other major manufacturing plants.

If the power goes out, then millions can and will be lost, whether this is on an everyday small scale, or massive scale where mining and industries are dependent on the power staying on all the time.

It cannot be stressed quite enough what a massive role UPS Backup Systems play in almost every aspect of our daily lives.

We take for granted the fridge in our home, the fresh food at the supermarket and the excellent cuisine enjoyed at our favourite restaurant. But if you think it through carefully how important cooling systems and refrigeration are – that is why we need to ensure that the power never goes out.

Having a business dependent on cooling systems and not having a UPS backup system is tantamount to gross neglect, carelessness and sheer irresponsibility.

It should therefore not come as a great surprise or shock when your insurance company insists on you installing life-saving UPS power backup systems to ensure your business keeps running, your medicines don’t spoil and production does not go on a go-slow or stops altogether when the lights go out.

Your business insurance service provider would be perfectly in their right to refuse to insure your business should you show a lack of responsibility by not installing UPS systems in South Africa to guarantee that your power stays on and your goods don’t spoil come summer or winter.

UPS and Power Protection Services go hand-in-glove with the technologically advanced world of today – remember there is much to be said about keeping the lights on all year round.