Power & Electricity World Africa 2019

PHD Powerhouse is a proud exhibitor at the leading and longest-running power and electricity exhibition and conference for utilities, IPPS, large energy users, the government and the energy industry. 

Seminar Highlights 

  • How large energy users and commerce at large can shrink their power costs  
  • How big data and analytics can help you save on energy costs 
  • Smart grids, revenue protection, smart metering and billing 
  • How to avoid decommissioning and improve the competitiveness of coal generation 
  • How to support growth and skills development for engineers 
  • How to transition from an SME into an EPC contractor 
  • The potential for AI, VR, drones and machine-learning in energy 
  •  Preferred business models for investing in renewable energy options 
  • Installing renewables 

Gentalks – Day One and Day Two 

  • Introducing efficiencies and reducing costs in your power plant 
  • Businesses looking for the latest tech in power generation  

Smart Electricity Seminar – Day One and Day Two 

  • Discover the potential of Smart Grid technologies to accelerate sustainable access to electricity 

Solar Techtalks – Day One and Day Two 

  • Learning about future-shaping technologies such as photovoltaics, solar thermal technologies, solar plants, grid infrastructure and solutions for the integration of renewable energy 

Install Renewables – Day One and Day Two 

  • With the rapidly growing C & I industry and the increase of the renewable heat incentive installations of solar thermal hot water systems, the industry will need skilled electrical contractors 
  • For skilled plumbers or renewable energy installers, training will prove to be a smart investment. 

Some Visitor Attractions include 

The main aim of Power & Electricity World Africa is to play host to many visitor attractions, bringing to life the learning from the conference and seminars through a sequence of challenging installations and live collaborating launches, showcases and talks.  

These are some of the draw-cards: 

  • Women in Energy Seminar 
  • Future Tech Zone 
  • Start-Up Pavilion: 

The Start-Up Pavilion is new for 2019 with the explosion of new and innovative businesses within the energy sector.  

  • EPC University 
  • Skills Development Seminar 
  • Energy for Commerce Seminar 
  • Connection Wall 

As commerce increasingly experiences erratic power supply and tariff hikes, more and larger energy users are looking at alternative sources and the viability of building their own power. 

Power and Electricity World Africa 2019 presents one of the most forward-thinking and biggest opportunities on the continent of Africa.