PHD Powerhouse – Fiamm Batteries

FIAMM Batteries are brilliant for telecommunication, UPS, solar systems and for battery back-up.

Because FIAMM batteries have been around for many decades, this range of sturdy batteries boasts being the stalwarts in the battery industry.

The company, which has mass-produced robust batteries since as far back as 1942, is based in Italy and manufactures world-class batteries for a wide range of applications that will take care of uninterruptible power supplies as well as producing batteries for numerous DC systems.

Additionally, FIAMM has footprints in other locations including France, the USA, Czech Republic, China, Brazil and Switzerland, which in itself should say something of the high quality of these batteries.

There are sales and technical branches right across the globe of which about 70% of the turnover of FIAMM comes from the far corners of the world.

With an obligation to continue researching and developing, combined with a passion and resourcefulness for innovation and technological solutions, in line with car makers’ specifications, FIAMM prides itself as a forerunner in the battery industry, and has a strong reputation in terms of product invention and industrious processes.

Needless to say, FIAMM enjoys a worldwide distribution and commercial network for car batteries.

With a guarantee of a long cycling life, these batteries are brilliant in telecom applications; a range of all-purpose batteries specifically created and designed to achieve optimal performance across the board and to protect critical equipment and processes against dips and surges from the power utility.