My PHD Inverter Has Made the World of Difference

South Africans are facing huge power challenges as the grid takes strain. Finding smart ways to keep the lights on throughout bouts of load shedding is vital.

PHD has come to the rescue by offering me solutions. I am extremely grateful to have a backup system that kicks in the minute the power goes off. Without my inverter, I would be at a complete loss.

The excellent service PHD has given me has made a world of difference. I no longer have long, dark hours of inactivity.

Thank you, PHD for keeping my world functioning during South Africa’s dark days. An inverter is a smart solution. This is especially the case as I work online.

Working from home could prove difficult. Especially without efficient internet and power to keep everything charged. I cannot describe the relief the first time my inverter helped me carry on working.

I recommend all South Africans invest in this most invaluable device. As Eskom continues to struggle to keep us functioning, an inverter is a must and not a want.