Money-Saving Tips For Electricity in the Office

Money-Saving Tips For Electricity in the Office

SMEs need to find ways to save every penny they can find, and what better place to start than by saving on electricity and utility bills? You would be pleasantly surprised at how smart-saving tips for electricity can put money back into your pocket ( or that of the business). 

Be aware of which appliances are Vampire guzzlers. Vampire guzzlers are those appliances and devices that consume energy even when they are switched off but are still plugged into the wall socket. Get your team to pull the plug – literally – out of kettles, TV screens, modems, computers and anything else electrical when they lock up to go home at night, or when not in use. 

Computers are also power guzzlers – we are not aware of how much power computers consume when we leave them running unattended, and how much heat they generate. 

If the power is out when you leave at night, remember electrical appliances will come back on once the power comes back on. 

The air-conditioning unit and lights do not need to be switched on in the boardroom or other rooms when not in use. Switch the lights and air-conditioner off to save on electricity, as it all adds up unnecessarily. 

At the end of the day, remind everyone in the office to switch the lights off because this will save thousands in the long term. It is unnecessary to pay for lights that are not being used. 

Switching to laptops will save money; not only are they more mobile than desktop computers, but they use less energy and power. 

For businesses keen on using desktop computers, investing in newer, energy-efficient models will save money on power at the end of the day. 

If you are in the market for any other electrical equipment such as all-in-one devices, switching to energy-efficient machines will save energy and are eco-friendly, too. 

LED lights are also great for energy-efficient savings. Bear in mind that every little bit will help when it comes to saving on electricity bills, and the more money saved will result in more money to spend on growing the business. If everyone does their bit, everyone benefits.

These energy-saving tips are easy to put into practice and can make a huge difference to the bottom line of any size business.