What Are the Main Functions of Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Get battery back-ups to keep your electrical devices running. Your UPS device is the perfect solution during power outages. This emergency power option is there to help during power outages. Protect sensitive equipment during unstable power conditions.

What is Uninterruptible Supply? What is Its Main Function?

Get reliable protection from the harshest power conditions. Your UPS provides you with essential backup power protection during unstable power conditions.

  • Your UPS differs from a generator or power system. The difference is the speed at which it switches from AC to DC power.
  • Your UPS offers basic surge protection from power interruptions. This will protect your sensitive equipment from damages.
  • A UPS system supplies energy to electronic equipment using energy stored in batteries. It also stores energy in supercapacitors and flywheels.
  • Your UPS offers a continuous power system with battery power supply. This efficient network power protection device offers protection to your equipment. When your primary power source fails, your UPS will kick in automatically.
  • Typically, your UPS uses hardware to protect data centres, telecommunication equipment, and hardware.
  • This is especially important during the transition of power. This is from electrical equipment to battery power.
  • You can prevent injuries, business disruption, and even death. You can do this by safely switching off electrical equipment. These usually apply to industrial applications.
  • Backup time is important. You have time to save critical data with a graceful shutdown. Your battery power supply will keep you running for a couple of hours.

Are All UPS Systems Alike?

UPS units differ from each other. They differ in size and design. Some come equipped with basic ports. Most offer varied options of load current. Battery backup users will find that UPS systems offer so much more than keeping your Wi-Fi up and running.

Did you know entire cities can keep running on giant-sized UPS systems? Fairbanks in Alaska can power an entire city and surrounding rural communities. When the power is out, this critical infrastructure keeps the lights on!

Find Out About Keeping the Light on During Critical Moments of Outages

Find the right surge protection with power to battery power options. Get your entire range from PHD Powerhouse. Choose efficient power protection with our basic power protection.

Essential power protection helps you keep your lights. This takes place during the harshest power conditions. Loss of power can destroy sensitive electronic equipment. Enjoy peace of mind with a safe shutdown during load shedding bouts.