To keep business thriving invest in UPS South Africa

To Keep Business Thriving Invest in UPS South Africa


Find out how to get short-term power that makes a long-term difference to your business operations with a wide range of back-up source options.

What is the Best Solution to Keep Functioning during Blackouts?

Your business needs power to keep on thriving even when incoming utility power fluctuates or drops. A break in power coming from the grid can cause loss of productivity today in businesses around South Africa. But you can keep the lights on.With so many options available, your source of alternative electric power can have a big impact on its efficacy. UPS systems can protect your electrical equipment from damage and allow critical applications to continue. Whether you need transfer time to go from grid power to backup power or just need time to complete tasks, a UPS can help.

How Does an Uninterruptible Supply Device Work? How Can it Help Me?

Order your power solutions right away. This will ensure your electrical devices keep working. It also means your business will tick over.

Get a battery backup system for your electronic equipment. Unstable power conditions wreak havoc on critical equipment during rolling blackouts. A UPS Device (Uninterruptible Power Supply) offers essential power protection.

Your UPS battery will kick in the minute the power dips. It will also notify you when there are power outages. This happens the minute the device senses a loss of power.

What is a UPS Device? What Does It Do to Help Me Keep Functioning?

Your backup power contains a battery that “kicks in” when the device senses power failure. End users will have enough time to save data and exit their devices.

3 Smart Ways Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Benefit Your Business

South Africa is experiencing some of the harshest power conditions in the world. Installing UPS for workstations and data centres will keep your IT running. It will also give you peace of mind.

1. Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Keep You Going

When the power goes out, your will emergency power device will kick in. This will ensure that the supply of electricity to your devices is unbroken. You will have enough time to save your work.

You will also have time to shut down sensitive electronics. Choose a UPS system, such as a line-interactive UPS. This will ensure there is no breakdown in productivity.

2. Battery Backup Manages a Power Shift In Your Business

One of the best alternative power solutions is your UPS system. Your electronics will enjoy a longer operational life. Don’t let power cuts disrupt your work day. Invest in a power backup system to ensure you keep your doors open.

All power fluctuations could cause damage to your electronic devices. UPS systems prevent damage to sensitive electronics. Ensure you get the maximum load needed when selecting your UPS device.

A UPS stabilises voltage. We achieve this through a stable power output. Power users can now protect all office equipment, medical equipment. Do this with more-reliable power.

3. Surge Protection Makes a Difference Long Term

Power surges cause havoc with electrical systems. An alternative power source (UPS) monitors incoming voltage. Your UPS monitors spikes and surges. If your UPS detects a risk, the backup power will automatically kick in.

This emergency power will prevent voltage surges from reaching sensitive equipment. Power to battery power will prevent damage. The UPS reconnects once the threat has passed.

Find Out More About How You Can Buy Plenty of Time With PHD UPS Systems

Business owners your free quote today and find out how to protect your business operations. Find out everything you need to know about protecting your sensitive electronic equipment. Whether you invest in an entry-level UPS, or a more sophisticated system. We have one for every application.

Keep the electrical supply to your essential systems without interruptions. We are here to show you which alternate power source is best for you.