4 Smart Ways to Keep Your Business Going During Load Shedding

The most efficient method for keeping abreast of load shedding in South Africa is to know your schedule. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

1. Get to Know Your Schedule.

Go one step smarter and get schedules of other areas in South Africa if you are a business owner. There are many user-friendly apps that are available to assist. Find out about load shedding from areas where you get your deliveries or stock and always be on top of your game.

This is the #1 best method for keeping abreast of load shedding in your area.

With so many easy-to-use apps available about load shedding schedules, there is no excuse to be caught unprepared. If your business is expecting deliveries of any description, find out their schedule. Call ahead of time and arrange alternative delivery times.

Communication is key in managing delays. It is a smart move to find suppliers that have backup solutions. Putting these steps in place could assist with minimising operational interruptions. Ensure there is someone to receive the goods, so they don’t spoil if delivered out of schedule.

2. Be Flexible When Running Your Business During Load Shedding.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the entire work landscape has changed. Many people now use mobile devices such as laptops and a cell phone to work from home. Employees should work remotely wherever possible.

It is time to get those creative juices flowing when managing a team. Clarify goals to ensure everyone understands what they have to get done – even during load shedding periods. Specific objectives put in place will have a huge impact on your team.

Schedule regular meetings at set times where everyone will clock in and clock out. This will help keep everyone abreast of projects. If you’re worried about tech devices or power cuts disrupting your online meetings and internet connections, you can get peace of mind with surge protectors and a power bank or deep cycle batteries for each staff member.

Our range of UPS back-up power systems and other products will safeguard your sensitive electronic devices. At PHD Powerhouse, we offer solutions to your pressing power problems.

3. Keep the Shine Going During Dark Times.

Working remotely and away from your colleagues can be tough. Many businesses in South Africa have gone the remote-working route. Keeping your shine going is difficult, especially during a pandemic.

A power failure will not help the situation. Now, more than ever, it is important to look at the bright side of life. We offer a range of UPS systems to keep you going when the lights go down. Have a look at our catalogue to find out which system will fit in with your needs.

You can watch TV, charge your phone, and boil your kettle – depending on the size UPS in use! It is not all doom and gloom. Get your positive juices flowing and look at load shedding as an opportunity and not a calamity.

4. Use Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Keep Going During Power Outages.

South Africa has load shedding. This is the reality. The secret to overcoming the impact of load shedding is by being smart. Think out of the box and find ways to keep making money, no matter what.

One of these is backup power, and finding various uninterruptible power supplies to assist. South African companies are getting smart power solutions to overcome challenges when the power utility has power cuts. Protect against a power surge with battery power backup systems.

We offer a range of products to keep your power up and running, no matter what! Make sure your servers have power over night and that all your power requirements are met, all in one place.

We have the answers to your power woes. Contact us to find out more!