It Is Important To Select Correct Enclosed Power Supplies

For those that don’t know, there is a fundamental difference between open power supplies and enclosed power supplies, although the differentiation is quite straight-forward and rather a simple one:

The one power supply has an open frame, whereas the other has an enclosed frame which protects it from the elements. These are the two fundamental differences, and the options are endless.

You might ask the question – why would someone choose the open-frame power supply instead of an enclosed power supply, whilst risking damage to the supply and/or  being shocked? We need to take one important factor into consideration, and that is cooling off of the system.

Bear in mind that an open-framed system cools off a lot faster than an enclosed-framed system would.

Some of the choices of an open-framed system include linear, single or multiple-output as well as vital medical switching.

Enclosed power supplies offer high quality enclosed universal AC input switching power supplies, which have both over- current and short-circuit protection.

With enclosed power supplies, the voltage is adjustable – this is in the region of +/-10%.

It is imperative to only ever use professionals to connect the primary voltage which has to be carried out by a qualified electrician for safety purposes.

Enclosed power supplies offer “over current” protection; should the connected circuit draw an excessive amount of current the power supply will simply shut off. When the system is in this mode the green LED light will either glow very dimly or not at all.

Once you reboot the system this will reset the fault by temporarily removing the AC power to get it up and running once again.