How to Reduce Energy Costs in SA Businesses

According to statistics business owners seem to be rather reluctant to use the implementation of integrated facility management to reduce energy costs, even though these systems have the potential to save money in the long term. 

Smart building management systems control, monitor and optimise building services to improve energy efficiency on so many levels. 

A good example is the monitoring that adjusts lighting according to the brightness or darkness of a room; specific focus is placed on energy-guzzling systems such as air conditioning units and lights. 

The benefits are many: 

There is more to energy savings than just saving money. South Africa wastes between 25% to 40% of energy. This is more than 25% compared to other countries. Building management systems will not only reduce this figure but it will also assist in creating a healthier and safer working environment. 

There are many advantages to working in an environment that is healthy and safe: 

  • Lower carbon footprint 
  • Customers and investors will find this more appealing when investing or using your services or products 

There are two primary areas that building management systems encounter regarding resistance: 

  • The first is the resistance from the owners of the buildings who are strapped for cash and managing their buildings on a tight budget 

Contracts that are in place by tenants will also resist extra costs being implemented to cover these expenses 

  • The second issue would include service providers of single building units (standalone buildings) who are not up to speed on the more modern methods of saving energy and don’t think that this will improve the way they are already running their buildings 

Because it takes from between 18 months to three years to recover these costs, it is wise to choose a system that makes financial sense and a system that has all the necessary functions to integrate with your existing systems. 

The benefits of building management systems are quite evident and best practices of integrating management systems are being used more and more by businesses both large and small.