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How to Prevent Damage to Your Electronics during Load Shedding

Load shedding has become part of our lives. You need to do everything possible to prevent damaging your electronic devices. The best protection against damage due to power surges is prevention. Ensure you unplug all sensitive equipment and remove all your appliances from plugs and electrical outlets when you know load shedding is about to start or if there are lightning storms brewing.

We show you how to protect your electronic equipment by investing in simple devices that will do the job efficiently. Installing protective devices is a smart move. These include surge protectors and a UPS power supply with a surge protector.

Load shedding is part of our lives. How to protect my devices when the lights go out:

We have learned to live with load shedding; or have we? Your devices need protection from the instability of the power grid. Load shedding can and will reduce the longevity of your electrics. Load shedding will damage sensitive electrical appliances and devices either short or long-term.

Disconnect everything before load shedding begins or while it is happening. This will avoid potential problems from arising when the power goes off switches back on. There are many ways to protect electronics. Disconnecting is perhaps the best and cheapest preventative measure. The most damage happens when the power comes back on. This is when the power surges throughout your grid supply and electrical equipment.

How can I benefit from investing in regulators, UPS systems, and inverters?

Your best protection against damage is investing in inexpensive power strips. Simply plug and play. Power strips have built-in protection against surges. You can buy these surge protection devices at a nominal cost from most electrical outlets and hardware shops.

You can also get a surge protector installed on your main electrical board (or your electrical distribution board). An electrician should install it for your protection. Surge protectors for your plug adaptors are easy to find and easier to install. You don’t need an electrician to install these. Simply plug and play.

Now might be the right time to shop around for new insurance.

Does your insurance cover electronic damage because of power cuts, power surges, lightning strikes, and other damage? If not, it might be time to source more comprehensive cover. Examine the fine print on your policy to make sure it covers power outages and resulting damage to equipment before you sign.

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