How to Prepare for ESKOM’s Load Shedding

If we were prepared for every eventuality in life, everything would always run as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. Thankfully, we can prepare for certain things in life, and Eskom’s load shedding is certainly one of these. 

There are certain clever ways on how to prepare for Eskom’s Load Shedding. Let common sense prevail and the rest will fall neatly into place. 

Summer is here and with it a bountiful of fresh fruit and vegetables. Let this be the first step in the right direction of eating well. We don’t need to eat foods that are cooked and fried when the weather heats up. We are blessed with a magnificent climate and an array of fresh fruit and vegetables, so why not revamp your eating style and opt for fresh instead; no cooking is necessary and hardly any preparation is required. 

Summer is also the time of year when it gets dark late, so no lights are not necessary until really late in the day. When it gets dark, simply switch on the LED lights that you have invested in and you can read to your heart’s content. 

Another hack for those smart enough is to load a couple of movies and series onto your PC, and provided the battery lasts for a couple of hours, you can watch these to while away the hours. 

Plug your cell phone into the ports of your PC and charge your phone to ensure you stay connected come what may. 

It is time to think of smart ways to make your life more pleasant – these are only some of the clever ways on how to prepare for Eskom’s load shedding. Think smart, think out of the box, and the load shedding will prove to be a minor inconvenience instead of a calamity.