How to Find the Best Solar Battery Prices in Town

How to Find the Best Solar Battery Prices in Town

As with many products in South Africa, prices for solar batteries can differ. Solar battery prices will depend on the manufacturer, the size, and the type of battery in question. Below we discuss how to find the best solar battery prices in town to help you save.

What to Look Out for When Comparing Solar & Batteries

When comparing solar prices in South Africa, be sure to compare apples with apples. Always ensure you get an estimate on a wide range of options. Compare prices on 300w, and 3- & 5-kw systems. You can also find out prices for 10kw, and 20kw solar systems.

The table below are estimates of the average prices for different sizes of battery. These could differ, and you should only use this as a guide for purchasing your backup power battery.

Average Price of Solar Panels in South Africa by Size

Size Average Price Per Solar Panel (Low to High)
250 Watts R2600 to R5600
300 Watts R3150 to R6750
350 Watts R3675 to R7875
500 Watts R5250 to R11250

How Many Solar Panels Will I Need for an Average House in SA?

The more power a household uses, the more solar panels are required. You need to consider two factors when purchasing solar panels. Once you have a breakdown of consumption and size, you can find out how much each cost.

2 Factors that Determine What I Need for My Solar System:

1. Size of the structure (house, building, office).

2. How much power do you use every month?

Solar System Prices & Number of Solar Panels Required vs Monthly Electricity Consumption

Monthly Electricity Bill Solar System Size Needed Solar System Prices (Approx) Number Of Solar Panels Required (Est)
R1500 or less 2Kw R65,000 9
R1500 to R2500 3Kw R75,000 14
R2500 to R5000 5Kw R120,000 19
R5000 or higher 10Kw R190,000 20+

Why Has it Become Difficult to Compare Solar Battery Prices in South Africa?

As load shedding gains momentum, more manufacturers are supplying batteries for solar. You will easily find a good quality battery at a competitive price. Lithium batteries are more affordable than in the past.

It is becoming difficult and complicated when looking for the right batteries for sale. Power ratings differ, some have a 10-year warranty but cost more, others have inbuilt inverters included. Since solar energy is becoming more commonplace, the energy storage market is exploding.

Lithium-Ion Batteries Are the #1 Choice for Solar Systems

Manufacturers are using superior technology to make lithium-ion solar batteries. These are superior to the old type of lead-acid batteries. Many suppliers no longer stock lead-acid batteries for solar power.

They have a better battery life and can handle a full discharge. Their usable capacity remains higher for much longer, as a result. Browse our lithium battery options today to find an affordable option for your needs.

How to Find the Best Battery Storage System for Your Solar Power Kit

PHD Powerhouse offers a wide range of features and batteries for solar systems. We can help you choose the perfect battery compatibility for your solar power system.

Find out more about battery capacity, energy storage systems, and which battery would work best for your needs. All this at affordable prices.