How Does Surge Protection Work?

Living in South Africa with load shedding bouts is challenging. Plug-in surge protection devices are a necessity. They protect your connected equipment from unexpected power surges. Choose from our wide range of surge protection devices.

Protect your devices from direct lightning strikes with external lightning protection. A lightning surge can cause untold damage. Ensure you have a multi-plug high surge device for protection.

How Do These Protective Devices Work?

Your surge arrester protects electrical devices from direct lightning current. Basic surge protects your electronic equipment against damages. These are usually from hikes and dips in the current.

A protection device is far more than a power strip. It offers effective surge energy absorption to electrical devices. Avoid permanent electrical damage with a range of modern surge devices.

A surge protector device absorbs current from one outlet. It then transfers it into your device. The device contains metal oxide varistor. We refer to this as MOV. It diverts excess voltage. This enables your electronics to enjoy a stable power level.

What is MOV and How Does it Help Divert Current?

We find MOV in every house surge protector. Surge protection technologies offer protection for your equipment. These current arresters protect equipment. This is when electrical surges exceed the average surge electrical current.

All modern surge arrestors contain MOV. They offer basic surge protection for most devices. MOV-based surge protectors are sensitive to electrical pressure.

When detected, MOV reduces electrical resistance. With low voltage, the MOV works in the opposite way. It will increase voltage levels.

Surge suppression technologies have come a long way. Your multiple surge arrester has no delay in response time. It kicks in automatically.

It will then redirect excess voltage. Enjoy electrical safety with a built-in surge protector.

Your MOV Arrester Comprises 3 Main Parts:

The 3 major components include metal oxide. They connect this to your power and grounding line. The connection is with 2 semiconductors.

These semi-conductors vary. The electrons within the semi-conductors move and change depending on the voltage resistance. This happens when the voltage is too high or if it is too low.

Why Does a Power Surge Wreak Havoc on Sensitive Equipment?

A power surge is a spike in the voltage amount flowing through sensitive electronics. Surges are excessive energy amounts. They usually exceed standard voltage levels of 120 volts.

In most instances, we are not aware current surges are happening. We usually realise this when our electrical equipment stops functioning.

Surge result from:

  • Lighting strikes
  • Incorrect electrical wiring and lighting
  • Problems with municipality electrical supply equipment
  • Current surges from the utility

We are not always aware of the effects on surge fluctuations. They reduce the life span of the internal working components. This is of your electronic equipment.

Power surges heat wires inside electronics. This then causes damage to internal parts of your electronic devices.

8 Clever Hints When Buying a Surge Arrestor

What must I look for when choosing current arresters? Here are a couple of hints to keep in mind when buying your device:

  1. List every electronic device you want to protect. The basic surge protection you get should have the capacity to protect all these devices.
  2. Find out if your uninterruptible power supply includes surge protection. This can act as a secondary buffer of protection against surges that can damage valuable equipment
  3. What is it you need protection from? Is it from load shedding or from lightning current? What protection are you looking for? This influences the current rating you may want from the device you choose.
  4. Make sure your current arrester is a transient voltage surge protector.
  5. You need to check clamping voltage and the energy absorption rating.
  6. Do your power strips have a warranty? This is advisable.
  7. Electrical installations are easy. Simply plug and play!
  8. Process control systems need an indicator light.

Where Can I Get the Best Surge Protection for Load shedding and Lightning Current?

Electrical surges are avoidable. Load shedding has made a negative impact on the way we live. Protect your electronic equipment from a damaging lighting strike with a simple device.

Although surge protection offers a degree of protection, it might still not be enough for lightning strikes. An outside lighting conductor, in conjunction with surge protection, is your best bet. Find out everything about effective surge energy absorption.

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