Front side view of an Uninterruptible Power Supply

How Does UPS Work?

The reality of dips and peaks, brownouts and blackouts and load shedding is once again staring us in the eye. 

South Africans are becoming adept at discovering smart ways to outwit our power and water woes, and UPS is certainly one such device that will, at worst, protect our sensitive, expensive computer equipment from being damaged during instability of the grid, and give us sufficient time to save any important work from being lost. Most UPS Power systems are relatively short – somewhere in the region of 15 minutes. 

A UPS system is different from other emergency power systems such as a standby generator in that it protects your equipment and affords you time to save your work using one or more batteries and other electronic circuitry for low power users and generators and flywheels for power users that are higher. 

UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply is also referred to as battery back-up systems provide enough back-up power when the power goes down or when voltage drops to low levels.  

The UPS offers backup power that will give you enough time to shut down your PC and other important equipment and any other connecting power devices. 

The size and the configuration of your UPS device will be the deciding factor of how much power you can get from your back-up system. 

There are numerous UPS topologies provide varying levels of protection against power interruptions. CyberPower UPS offers three topologies – these include line-interactive, double-conversion, and standby. 

  • Standby UPS 

Perhaps the most basic UPS relying on battery back-up power when the voltage dips or surges and when the power goes out. The UPS automatically switches to DC power when the utility dips below the norm, then inverts it back into AC power to devices that are connected.  

Standby UPS is most commonly used to protect computers, POS systems, security systems, automatic gates, among others 


  • Line Interactive UPS  


Line Interactive UPS uses technology to readjust and correct slight power instabilities without switching over to a battery back-up; this UPS system is equipped with an autotransformer that assists in the regulation of voltages that dip and corrects over voltages without switching over to battery backup. This UPS System is great for gaming, home theatre, and entry and mid-range servers 


  • Double Conversion UPS  

A double-conversion UPS delivers reliable, clean power, irrespective of the state of power from the grid. This UPS converts incoming AC power to DC, and once again it converts the DC power back to AC. UPS systems with this technology operate on isolated DC power continuously with a zero-transfer time. 

A UPS is used to protect computers, data centres, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment to prevent losses or injuries.