Solar Systems & Their Importance in South Africa

The significance of solar systems & their importance in South Africa cannot be stressed enough. In the not too distant past, solar technology was not thought to play much of a role but in today’s world.

In South Africa individuals, businesses as well as Government are now considering solar technology as being a brilliant and cost-effective alternative energy resource with massive potential to help deliver low-cost energy, enhance job creation and to stimulate the economy.

South Africa enjoys much sunshine which makes it perfect for solar – and with most areas in the country averaging at least 2 500 hours or sunshine per annum makes this one of the sunniest countries worldwide.

It is obvious that the more light that solar panels are exposed to, the more electricity will be generated – furthermore solar also works on cloudy days, which makes this a brilliant solution to our power supply.

The awareness of solar is fast gaining momentum and will in all probability increase amidst the rolling blackouts we have been privy to for the past couple of years, rising electricity costs, the unstable supply of electricity and the threat of load shedding hovering above us, waiting to strike once again which has become an ongoing challenge which needs to be scrutinised closely.

Installed solar energy is expected to reach in excess of 8400 MW by the year 2030; Government has signed agreements to buy power in excess of 1450 MW for solar projects – which is encouraging to say the least.

Electricity prices will continue to be on the up and up which makes solar an even more attractive alternative to keep businesses and homes running.

Even with an initial outlay, the money spent will soon be recouped after a couple of years – once the initial costs have been paid up, electricity is then free by using solar – attractive savings for any household or business.

Although solar is a relatively new technological concept in South Africa and even though there is a steady growing interest in this clean resource of energy, there is still much ground to cover in the educating of the general population.

Solar Systems & their importance in South Africa continue to gain traction – it should not therefore surprise one that the SA Government is taking solar seriously.