High Performance Meissner UPS

PHD Powerhouse – High Performance Meissner UPS

The Meissner UPS is a high-powered, dependable product that guarantees to safeguard sensitive electrical devices against numerous power challenges. Of special interest is that the Meissner 9340 UPS is able to offer a three-phase double conversion topology, combined with an IGBT rectifier, Hot Sync paralleling and sinusoidal input current. Installation is cost-effective plus there are other benefits such as the accessibility to the load, minor harmonics and protection 24/7.

The installation of Meissner UPS will forever change the way IT departments view back-up systems.

About Meissner UPS:

  • When a super-conductor has no magnetic field or a very limited magnetic field within, this is referred to as being in the Meissner State.
  • The Meissner State fails to operate when the magnetic field applied is too big.
  • There are two different types of super-conductors, viz. Type 1 Super-conductors and Type 11 Super-conductors.
  • In Type 1 super-conductors, superconductivity is destroyed abruptly when the strength of the applied field rises above and beyond a critical value
  • Type 11 super-conductors – raising the applied field past the critical value H will lead to a mixed state which is also referred to as a vortex state.
  • This is when an elevated amount of magnetic fluidity infiltrates the material and there is no resistance to the flow of the electric currents, provided it is not too large.

High Performance Meissner UPS has proven to be a trustworthy product, forever altering the way IT departments view their back-up systems.