Voltage Stabilizer System Help

Two main categories exist namely:

Servo-type voltage stabilizers

Servo-type voltage stabilizers use brushes, and armature mechanisms to alter the supply voltage very effectively for hardy equipment, but must be serviced regularly due to all the moving parts.

Electronic voltage stabilizers

An electronic voltage stabilizer has no moving parts and has a much faster reaction time. Used mainly in the telecom’s environment as it needs very little maintenance and offers excellent protection, electronic voltage stabilizers can be fitted into outdoor enclosures, and can be fitted with isolation transformers.

Power Quality

Dip (Sag): A short term decrease in line voltage.

Surge: A temporary increase in line voltage that lasts at least one cycle (approx. 16ms).

Spike (transient): Similar to a surge except that it lasts less than a full cycle (often only a few milliseconds).

Electrical Noise: Probably the most common type of disturbance, which is a random high voltage, or high frequency interference on the power line caused mostly by non-linear loads.

Brownout: A deliberate reduction in AC line voltage by the utility company during periods of unusual high demand or insufficient load capacity.

Blackout: The ultimate power disturbance. It is a complete cut in the power line supply (power failure).