How Does Surge Protection Work? 

If you’re living in South Africa and subjected to unreliable electricity from the utility company (Eskom), knowing what surge protection is and how it works can protect your expensive equipment.

What is a Surge Protector?

A surge protector is a device that helps protect your electronic devices from sudden spikes or dips in voltage levels. In South Africa, these could include load shedding, power cuts, brownouts, and an unstable surge current that fluctuates.

Why is a Surge Protection Device Important?

An unstable power supply can damage your valuable electronic devices. Insurance companies seldom pay for claims for damage caused by dips and spikes in power supply. If you want your plugged-in devices to last longer and cost you less, surge protection is vital.

Voltage spikes can last between from 1 to 30 microseconds. These can sometimes reach 1000 volts! Most worrisome is that a single lightning strike could spike over 100,000 volts and fry electronic components in your devices.

Common Surge Protections in South Africa

1. Electric Mains Surge Protector Systems

These types of surge protector systems will protect your electronic equipment from lightning strikes. They also protect electrical devices from electrical surges from the utility. We install these devices on your electric mains board for the best results.

2. Strip Plug Surge Protectors

Lightning could bypass your electrical switchboard and travel through your home. Point of use surge strips and plugs will prevent power surge damage at entry and plug points for this eventuality. It’s best to get both forms of modern surge protectors to protect your devices from massive surges.

3. Uninterruptible Power Supply

Many UPS devices act as surge protection for any equipment plugged into them. The excess current or dips won’t affect your PC, laptop, Wi-Fi, or other devices when they are plugged into your UPS.


How Effective are Panel Surge Protectors in Protecting My Home?

Panel surge protectors are very effective in protecting all your electrical equipment from a surge in electricity. Direct lightning strikes can enter the home in other ways than the power grid. For example, lightning surges can travel along phone cable lines. For this reason, a multi-faceted approach to surge protection is important.

Does a Surge Protector Save Money On Utility Bills?

You won’t save money on your utility bill. But, you will save money by not replacing expensive devices as frequently. The function of a surge protector is to safeguard your electronic devices.

Why Do I Need Surge Protection if I Never Needed it Before?

Most areas across the globe experience unstable power. Lightning is one of the primary culprits. Electrical equipment is a lot faster and more compact. More so than in the past.

The overabundance of devices has made transient related problems a reality. Recent problems related to electronic equipment are more frequent than those in previous generations. The need to protect devices from a voltage spike and an electrical surge has become a necessity.

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