Find UPS Solutions in South Africa

Where Can I Find the Right UPS Solution for Me?

Are you looking for uninterruptible power supply solutions? Eskom tells us the power grid is taking strain. We are struggling to keep our businesses, homes, and offices running because of continuous power outages.

Choose a reliable UPS supplier like PHD Powerhouse to get back your peace of mind. With our help, you can keep the lights on and your businesses running. Our UPS power devices provide protection from power surges, load shedding, and blackouts.

Let us solve your energy challenges. We do this with a range of fully integrated solutions and quality innovations. These include networks, data centres, critical systems, and manufacturing processes.

What is Uninterrupted Power Supply? What Does It Do?

A UPS system supplies us with basic power protection during unstable power conditions for critical applications. It provides a battery backup for your electrical devices. As South Africa continues to face the harshest power conditions, we need solutions.

  • Devices commonly run on a UPS system are mobile devices, cellphone chargers, laptops, tablets, routers, monitors, and your computers.
  • A UPS offers backup power solutions when the power from the grid dips to low levels. It also supplies emergency power when we experience blackouts. They are an ideal solution for business owners.
  • Your UPS battery power kicks in when the device senses power losses. Protecting devices from power surges has become part of our lives. In doing so, you can preserve your devices for longer and ensure they aren’t damaged by an unstable flow of energy.
  • Don’t leave your equipment without power. PHD offers devices that deliver efficient power protection from the unstable power supply and gives you extra time to work and shut down advanced devices after load shedding has hit.
  • The UPS kicks in the very moment it senses power loss, giving you enough time to save data and exit before your battery runs out. Businesses can avoid the adverse circumstances of data loss or hardware damage with a UPS.
  • A UPS system is often the only power supply during a power failure. While generators do the job well, they are noisy and costly. Plus, they run on expensive fuel. People rarely allow generators in regulated environments. UPS solutions would then play a vital role.

Will My UPS Cope with the Load?

Will my UPS have sufficient power to keep me going? This depends on the load and the KW power of your UPS system.

A powerful UPS system will support equipment for quite some time. Your UPS should keep you up and running during the 4-hour load shedding periods.

You need the right batteries for an efficient input power source. We help you find the right size battery for your UPS system. Read up about UPS systems on offer at PHD.

Choose from our wide range of Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions. These can provide enough power for critical industries, such as running medical facilities and office blocks.

There are businesses that need far more than a powerful UPS to keep their businesses functioning. Manufacturers, for example, would have to combine generators with UPS systems to adequately protect their business and electronics.

It is important to consider the application and the load when investing in a UPS system.

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