Fiamm Batteries

What Are Fiamm Batteries?

Fiamm batteries are industrial batteries that use FIAMM energy technology. They are considered the best type of batteries for telecommunications, solar systems, and UPS. They are excellent as back-up battery options due to their reliability and durability.

The wide battery range is suitable for automotive starter batteries used in modern vehicles. If you are looking for quality batteries, a Fiamm battery is usually your best option. They are produced by the multinational company, FIAMM energy Technology S.P.A.

What Should We Know About Fiamm Batteries?

  • Fiamm Batteries have been around since 1942. The Fiamm Group are mass-producers of robust batteries. We identify the company as a high-end battery distributor spanning decades.
  • Fiamm Energy Technology S.P. A is in Italy. Fiamm also manufactures quality batteries for the automotive industry. It also supplies batteries to the stationary battery sector.
  • The wide range of applications has made Fiamm batteries popular for many applications. One such application is supplying uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Fiamm batteries manufacture innovative batteries. We use these for powering renewable sources and industrial applications. We use Fiamm batteries for powering many DC systems.

Is Fiamm Only Found in South Africa?

Fiamm is a proudly global company. You will find Fiamm has its footprint in European markets. You will also find them in other locations across the globe. They include countries such as France, the U.S.A, and the Czech Republic.

You will also Find Fiamm batteries distributed in China, Brazil, and Switzerland. They monopolise some of the world’s big-name customers. Fiamm has sales and technical branches throughout the world. These account for at least 70% of the company’s turnover of Fiamm.

These batteries are popular for a good reason. Their absolute reliability ensures longevity. This is a high-quality, environmentally friendly, and efficient technology battery series.

What Are the Main Benefits of Fiamm Batteries?

Fiamm have designed their batteries for optimal performance (up to 20 hours). They protect critical equipment. Fiamm batteries protect processes from power disturbances. Their absolute reliability and quality standards make them an obvious choice.

Fiamm battery applications include:

  1. Electric utility and Switchgear
  2. Energy storage systems for renewable energy
  3. Board emergency services
  4. Recreation
  5. Medical equipment

What Are the Main Features of Fiamm Batteries?

  1. They are environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable.
  2. The batteries are non-hazardous and perfect for commercial vehicles. We also use them in air, sea, and rail transportation applications.
  3. Fiamm batteries boast a 12V monobloc design.
  4. Enjoy a design created for both standard and long discharge.
  5. They have a 5-year design life in float applications. The temperature range is in controlled environments.
  6. These batteries don’t need any extra water, and they are non-spillable.
  7. They created the range of batteries for optimised deep discharge recovery. They have a high cycling performance.
  8. A long battery life is guaranteed because of the VRLA AGM technology with 99% recombination efficiency.
  9. <2% self-discharge per month, at 77°F. This allows for up to 6 months of shelf life before boosting.

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The FIAMM range of batteries is more than energy storage systems. They achieve optimal performance. They also protect sensitive equipment against an unstable power supply.

Find out everything about Fiamm batteries and what benefits they offer you. With guarantees of a long life cycle, Fiamm batteries are a brilliant option for many applications, especially telecoms.