Ways To Conserve Energy In Your Work Environment

One of the most important things when running a business is to ensure that you juggle the costs successfully as these will impact on your bottom line. Saving costs on energy is certainly something that has an impact on your business costs. 

Saving energy is the responsibility of everyone in the office. Employees need to make their contributions wherever they can to assist in making a dent in energy bills. It is not the sole responsibility of the business owner. 

Saving energy costs in the workplace is a no-brainer – here are several ways to conserve energy in your work environment: 

  • Update all outdated appliances – if you cannot do so because of budget constraints, consider leasing your expensive office equipment including laptops and all appliances 
  • It is a smart idea to get an energy audit Everyone is responsible for energy conservation – starting an energy email and newsletter will make everyone more aware of where energy needs to be saved 
  • The lighting in your office could be guzzling energy. When last did you update the office lighting? Wherever possible, use natural light in the office 
  • Select a single individual to oversee energy; it is never too late to start an employee energy committee 
  • Unplugging appliances and machines when not in use saves energy – vampire or phantom appliances refer to energy consumed even when the device is not being used. Switch off and remove the plug from the wall whenever possible. Chargers for computers and cellphones are a perfect example of vampire appliances 
  • Everyone loves to be rewarded for work well done – use the rewards system to spoil your team when electricity is saved. Use the money for something fun, or save towards an awesome end-of-year function where everyone can relax and let their hair down 

Energy conservation in the workplace is possible – if everyone does even one small thing towards saving power, the results will be impressive.