Do you have a long-term load shedding solution in place?

Do you have a long-term load shedding solution in place?

Smart Ways to Beat Load Shedding

With load shedding back in full swing in South Africa, there are smart ways to beat the load shedding blues. Some solutions include installing solar, using generators, and buying UPS systems.

You need not lose productivity if you lose power. Get smart and stay connected when the power is out. There are many clever strategies you can put in place to make the most of downtime!

How Do I Get the Right Equipment as a Tech Back-Up?

By investing in top-notch UPS systems and power protection, you can protect your tech. You can also keep functioning until the lights come back on. Get all the latest back-up options at low cost! PHD Powerhouse keeps a wide range of equipment to back you up.

Why do Surge Protectors Play an Important Role?

  • Surge protectors are essential.
  • They protect your equipment from dips and surges.
  • It’s so easy. Simply plug a surge protector. You can do this directly into the wall socket.
  • They are an inexpensive option that will reduce the risk of surges damaging expensive equipment.

Which System is Best for Emergency Power?

  • Choose alternative forms of power when the lights go out.
  • Generators and UPS systems will give you that essential back-up power during power outages.
  • Generators need fuel. Remember to factor in the extra costs of running a generator. Managing a generator could be the solution you need.
  • A UPS system is essential for remote work. Keep functioning until the lights go on. Find out which one suits you best. PHD Powerhouse offers a wide range of UPS systems to suit a wide range of applications.

How Can I Keep the Lights on at a Low Cost?

  • Solar-powered lights are a great option.
  • There are many options one can invest in. Visit your local hardware store and stock up on nifty LED lighting options.
  • Choose lights with USB ports to charge your phone

How Can I Still Cook When the Lights Go Out?

  • Invest in a small solar cooker or a gas stove.
  • South Africans love to braai. This is another option when the lights go out and the weather is good.
  • A simple trick is to fill a flask with boiling water to make tea or coffee. Simple and efficient!

How Can I Stay Up to Date with the Latest Load Shedding Schedules?

  • If you have not downloaded the Eskom Se Push App, it is a great idea to do so!
  • Keep abreast of load shedding schedules and be prepared for the inevitable.
  • Keep connected to the right sources as load shedding schedules have the habit of changing frequently.

Find More Solutions by Visiting PHD Powerhouse Today!

Our range of products will protect your electronic equipment. Keep working even when the national grid power goes out. South Africans are a resourceful nation. We help you become even more so.

PHD Powerhouse South Africa has you covered for black outs and brown outs. We have your back when there are surges and dips. Our innovative range of UPS systems, solar systems, and other back-up power solutions can help you survive load shedding. Eskom might make life difficult, but we are here to make it easy!