5 Clever Load Shedding Tricks for When the Power Goes Out

Are you tired of living in darkness even though you pay your utility bills? You don’t have to be stuck without power and lighting whenever Eskom has issues. Use these simple hacks to brighten your day (or night).

Here Are 5 Clever Load Shedding Tricks to Keep Going When the Light are Out


1. Go Solar.

Installing solar is a good way to keep the lights on. Many solar providers offer pay off terms that allow you to pay an affordable monthly amount for your solar installation, making it more affordable. Solar lamps inside and out are another great idea during load shedding and are often much more affordable than an entire solar system.

You can even go solar with your cellphone charger. If you have an LED lamp with a USB port, you can also use it to charge your cell phone or other mobile devices during power outages.

2. Keep the Lights on with Battery-Operated Lights.

Battery-operated lanterns and torches are great to keep around when the power goes out. Invest in a couple of these cost-effective lights. You will find a range at your local supermarket or hardware store.

Many battery-operated lights have USB ports to charge your phone. These are a convenient, cheap and easy option that promise to keep you going.

2. Invest in gas! A Gas Braai or Two-Plate Stove Is a Brilliant Solution.

Gas stoves are becoming the more obvious solution when replacing your electric stove. Are you renovating your kitchen or building a new home? Your best choice should be a gas stove, since it keeps working even when the power goes out.

Invest in a little gas stove or braai for when the power goes out. Not only does a braai add a fun element to your cooking, it will feed hungry mouths. Portable camping gas stoves are perfect for making tea and coffee when you don’t have power.

3. Take Recycling to a New Level. Freeze Empty Plastic Bottles for Emergencies.

Recycle your empty cold drink and water bottles by filling them with water and freezing them. Power outages can last anything from a couple of hours to days! Keep your frozen food cold for long periods by freezing water.

  • You will do the environment a favour by recycling your plastic.
  • You will keep your food fresh for longer with this smart hack.

4. Invest in a Generator to Keep Your Lights on and Your Business Running.

A generator will keep you going and your business running during unstable power episodes. Investing in a generator could be the best thing you could ever do in South Africa.

Find the right generator for your specific needs. There are generators that will keep your entire house running. You can also get smaller ones that will keep your smaller appliances running.

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