Calculate UPS Runtime: Can You Powerproof Your business?

Calculate UPS runtime

Calculate UPS runtime accurately so that you never lose valuable work. UPS systems have been designed to keep your computer up and running regardless of whether the lights remain on or not. 

By and large, a UPS system is a battery supply that has been designed to keep your equipment functioning when the power goes out – this is a good option when you are faced with challenges related to power supplied by your utility supply as they continue to face their own challenges. 

How long can you expect your UPS to keep running for? 

  • Each UPS is given a VA rating (this is a Voltage-Amp rating) 
  • This will tell you how much hardware you will be able to connect to your electrical devices 
  • Furthermore, the VA rating will be able to tell you more or less how long it will keep running when the power goes out 
  • For most UPS systems you can multiply it by .6 – this will give you an amount in Watts 
  • Translated, a 1000 VA UPS will give users a 600-Watt load 
  • Bear in mind that a 1500 VA UPS will be incapable of keeping your PC running for more than an hour, though  
  • We need to be realistic and know the facts regarding the run-time that we can get from our UPS systems 
  • Practicality will win hands-down every time, and larger businesses have come to the realisation that power generators are the real way to go when it comes to keeping their lights on and their systems functioning at optimum speed and power 
  • Bear in mind that a UPS system is NOT a generator and trying to ride out the blackout is not going to cut it. Instead, use this time to save everything that is important to you before the UPS runs out of time 
  • Save all your work first, then shut down your systems to ensure your sensitive equipment does not get damaged if the power surges 
  • Did you know that some UPS systems can be plugged in directly to your PC by means of a USB? 
  • This method is user-friendly as your UPS will then automatically switch over when the power goes out or when the utility is unstable 

Think out of the box to power-proof your business. Calculate UPS runtime accurately to ensure you never lose vital information.