Best UPS in South Africa

What’s the Best UPS in South Africa? Which One is Right for You?

Which UPS in South Africa is best for you? South Africans face some of the harshest power conditions in the world. We need the best backup money can buy.

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Explained

Do you run a business from home or have a small mom and pop shop in South Africa? Uninterruptible power supply systems keep your computer and other electrical equipment running. Even if it’s for a short period, it will help keep the doors open and your business functioning.

We can help you choose your UPS device from the wide range of option for sale. Avoid the loss of revenue today and invest in the perfect UPS just for you! Don’t let power outages ruin your source of income.

What Are the 3 Different Types of UPS Systems?

It is no secret that battery backup for UPS systems is the most common way to store energy. The device will keep storing emergency power as long as the input power source keeps running. When the power from Eskom is on, it helps you maintain your battery power.

But there are actual differences between the various UPS systems. The differences all depend on the technology used to perform the various tasks. True uninterrupted power supply gives you essential power protection for your sensitive electronics, so choosing the right one is important.

There are 3 main UPS systems. These include online double conversions, line interactive systems, and offline UPS systems. Without getting too technical, we define the various UPS systems by how they move power through the units.

Which source of power is right for you? Double version UPS systems are a more cost-effective solution. When choosing a UPS system, weigh up the differences and find out which one suits you and your budget best.



1. Let’s Chat About the Double Conversion UPS Systems.

What are double conversion UPS systems and how do they differ from the other two systems? Is this a good basic power protection for your electronic equipment?

Double conversion UPS systems offer an uninterruptible power source. They filter and convert incoming utility power (AC power) into DC power. They then convert the DC power to AC output via a power inverter. DC (battery power) supports inverters, which could include flywheels or batteries.

As South African consumers, we need efficient power protection. This is from the inconsistent power conditions we so often face. A double conversion UPS system offers you just that. It is an efficient backup when the power goes out.

2. Why Choose a Line Interactive UPS System as a Back-Up?

A line interactive UPS system will give you a constant power flow when the Eskom power goes down. Line interactive UPS systems will run in double conversions but usually operate on a secondary power path. These systems are directly connected to you Eskom AC power.

To sum up – your line UPS system connects to active power from the grid. It then switches to your battery back-up power the minute it senses instability in the power grid. This helps protect your connected equipment from power surges.

Take note that your line interactive UPS systems rely heavily on the flow of power from your battery, more so than the double conversion modules. The result is a shortened acid-battery life.

3. What is an Offline UPS System? Find Out How this UPS Works!

Offline UPS systems chargers are big enough to charge the battery. They are no bigger. Take note inverters cannot run at its rated VA capacity for long periods (for those that don’t know, a VA rating is the wattage of an inverter. We measure this in amps and volts).

The offline inverter limits the components of the inverter. After a couple of minutes, it overheats (give or take about 20 minutes).

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Which UPS suits your business or home needs best? For more information about this, contact our expert team at PHD Powerhouse and find out which one works for you. The above three are a good example of keeping the lights on when Eskom does not. We are here to show you everything about backup systems.

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