How to Get the Best UPS for Your Home or Office


Are you a new UPS user and not sure what to get? Get a UPS to help you through debilitating power outages in South Africa. A UPS device is a surge protector. It safeguards your connected electronic devices from an unstable power grid.

Why a UPS System & How Can it Help Keep Me Functioning?

A UPS device is a battery backup system. It supplies power and protects electrical appliances during unstable power conditions. The type and size of UPS all depends on the business type you fall into.

  1. It gives you enough time to shut down equipment safely should the power fail. This is important in manufacturing plants.
  2. It also gives you ample time to save any data.
  3. Your UPS acts as an automatic voltage regulation device.
  4. You can extend the life of any electrical equipment. Continuous switching on and off and power surges shorten the life. This is of your expensive electrical devices.

What is the Function of a UPS System? What Purpose Does It Serve?

Your UPS will switch over to battery power when the power goes out. Your UPS device provides continuous battery power.

This depends on the life of the battery.

Battery types vary. The type of batteries also differs from one UPS system to the next. How long the battery lasts depends on how much power you consume during blackouts.

Unannounced power outages are an enormous problem. Your UPS system will give you sufficient time to power down everything from video games to servers.

There is No One Size Fits All for Home UPS Systems

There are 3 categories of UPS systems. These depend on the type of power requirement you need.

The 3 different UPS systems are line-interactive systems, double conversion UPS systems, and standby UPS systems.

Different Power Problems You Could Experience in South Africa

An unstable power supply is so much more than blackouts and load shedding. Other power problems include brown outs, power surges, and voltage sags.

  1. A power surge is a sudden, intense spike in power. Lightning strikes often cause this. They ruin electrical equipment, circuit boards and office equipment.
  2. A blackout is a power loss from a few seconds, and sometimes days at a time.
  3. Brownouts are a drop in the power level for long periods of time. During emergency power shortages, the utility could drop the power level to avoid power cuts.
  4. A power sag is the lowering of input voltage. It is short and quick.
  5. Line noise can degrade or disturb power performance from the grid into your system.

Choose PHD Powerhouse to Help You with Your Power Conditions

Why Choose PHD Powerhouse to Help You with Your Power Conditions?

Many power challenges we experience originate from Eskom’s power grid. Avoid damage to sensitive equipment by getting the best UPS for your home or business. Find the one best suited to your needs.

For more information on our wide range of backup systems, contact us today.