best Inverters for Sale in South Africa

Where Can I Get the Best Inverters for Sale in South Africa?

There is a difference between inverters and generators. Inverters use a backup battery for power, whereas a generator does not! Find out which one is best to keep your systems going when the energy service provider lets you down.

What’s Better, an Inverter or a Generator?

It’s not about the best inverters for sale in South Africa. It is more about which one works best for your needs. Below, we explain the difference and how the two compare.

How Do Inverters Work?

Inverters are suppliers of AC power. They use the electrical energy stored in their backup batteries (DC energy). Inverter systems use transformer and electronic systems to convert DC to AC energy.

They boost voltage to create 220 V. Inverters are user-friendly devices. You can use them to power electrical equipment and keep the internet going.

How Do Inverters Handle Load Demand?

When we compare inverters to generators, they are the more efficient choice of the two for backup loads. They are not meant for use for extended periods, but they can handle working long hours if needed. Many are connected to a deep cycle battery.

An inverter is a popular choice to keep your household appliances working as a backup during load shedding or blackouts. Your inverter of choice can make a big difference in its capabilities and performance. At PHD, we provide quality inverters to suite your unique needs.


Type of Inverter

Which Type of Inverter Do I Need?

Businesses will need commercial inverters that can handle large loads and complex needs. But if you want to power your home, a residential inverter setup should serve you just fine. High-performance solar inverters are a better option if you use solar energy.

You can get advanced inverter options such as 3-phase inverters that come with an LCD display. It’s best to speak to experts at PHD to help you choose the right device for your needs. Price ranges can differ vastly, but we will help you with the right device at a competitive price.

6 Advantages of Inverters vs. Generators

  1. Compared to generators, inverters are a far quieter option.
  2. You can charge an energy inverter battery by plugging it into the mains or using solar panels.
  3. Generators are often large and clumsy to manoeuvre. Inverters are a more streamlined option.
  4. You never need fuel to operate your inverter.
  5. Inverters are cheaper to run than generators.
  6. The cost of power consumption is relatively cheap compared to feeding a generator fuel.

What PHD is Doing to Help South Africans Power Their Lives?

Our wide range of inverter systems power homes and businesses. If your house enjoys a lot of direct sunlight, solar power and solar inverters may be the right option for you. We can help you find a device with proven reliability for many style inverters.

We offer top brand inverter for sale in South Africa. Our experts can help you explore warranty options, battery compatibility, and capacity needs. Contact PHD Powerhouse today to find out how to keep the power going.