What Do Customer Says About The Best Home Inverter

What Real Users are Saying: Reviews of the Best Inverter for Home Use

What Real Users are Saying: Reviews of the best Inverter for Home Use

Load shedding and power failures in South Africa have led to many South Africans becoming more dependent on backup power. And when you talk power backup, every type of inverter can play a role. If you install a solar system, you’ll need a solar inverter, and if you get a battery bank for power outages, you’ll need a compatible inverter.

Since it looks like there is no end in sight for load shedding, which inverter you choose for your home is becoming a more important question. There are so many kinds and options. How do you know you’re getting something that will last and work for your needs? PHD is here to help with that. Below, we look at a few of the most reputable inverter ranges and real reviews of them.

But, if you’re tired of searching through online reviews or worrying about whether a brand is being honest with you, you’ve come to the right place. We are experts in alternative power solutions. We’ve been giving South Africans the power they need for many years, and we can advise you on the best system for your needs, whether that be a small backup setup or a full solar installation. So give us a call today for expert advice on a wide range of power solutions.

Victron Phoenix Home Inverter Range

Victron Phoenix Range

The Victron Phoenix range stands out for its versatility and efficiency. These inverters offer a wide power range from 180W to 5KW, making them suitable for a variety of home applications. What sets these inverters apart is their pure sine wave output, ensuring a clean and stable power supply, which is crucial for sensitive electronic devices.

Designed to work ideally with solar systems, these inverters are available in 12-24-48 volts, catering to different solar panel setups. The high-efficiency design of the Victron Phoenix inverters not only enhances their performance but also contributes to their durability. A notable feature is the mounting frame, which makes installation straightforward and adaptable to various locations.

Here’s what real-life reviewers had to say about the Victron Phoenix Range in South Africa:

Riaan was impressed with this sturdy, premium product that gave him “no surprises.” He said it works as expected, taking over his LED lighting circuit during load shedding. He observed no light intensity differences like those he experienced with other non-pure sine wave inverters. Riaan gave Victron five stars in August 2022.

Scott W, another Victron user, reviewed the product in December 2021 and found the product a great clean power source for his camper and some small home items. He said it handles his 700-litre fridge at home at 80% and barely makes any noise. He observed that even the fan was very quiet. Scott advised that the inverter paired best with a large-capacity battery. He also enjoyed the ability to connect the device to an app using Victron software and a USB cable, so that he could view the load percentage and battery voltage conveniently. He also liked the fact that the product could be set to function with different battery chemistries, frequencies, and output voltages. Scott said, “This thing is a good jugger.”

Super Home UPS Inverter in South Africa

Super Home (STX2) Inverter Range

The ST2X Home Inverter System with Charger is another excellent choice for South African homes, particularly those looking to integrate hybrid systems with generators. This range offers a capacity from 1KVA to 13KVA, accommodating larger homes and more demanding energy needs.

One of the key features of the ST2X series is its standard solar charge controller, which optimizes solar energy utilization. The inclusion of large built-in battery chargers adds to its appeal, making it a comprehensive solution for solar and AC back-up systems. The LCD panel provides easy monitoring and control, and the high-efficiency design ensures that energy is used effectively. Additionally, its wall-mounted design saves space and allows for convenient installation.

Here’s what users had to say about the Super Home range:

Samantha found the product “Solid and Reliable.” She said that it has been a backbone for their home’s energy needs for their solar system. Their system is hybrid, and they notice nothing when it seamlessly switches to solar when load shedding hits. Samantha likes the user-friendly LCD panel and the convenience of being able to power her home appliances while there is load shedding. She recommends this product as a dependable home inverter system and calls it “a solid choice”.

David reviewed this product in 2021 and found that it exceeded his expectations. He says, “I was pleasantly surprised by the Super Home Inverter‘s performance.” David also enjoyed its quietness, reliability, and the convenience of having power when he needs it. He calls the STX2 “efficient and functional” and gave it five stars.

Studer Inverter Range

The Studer Inverter Range, offered by PHD Powerhouse, represents Swiss engineering at its finest, tailored for the South African energy landscape. These inverters are renowned for their durability and precision, suited for both residential and heavy-duty commercial applications. The range’s adaptability is a key feature, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into various power setups, from small-scale home systems to larger, more complex energy solutions.

In particular, the Studer inverters excel in managing high power loads, making them ideal for scenarios that require reliable and uninterrupted power. Their advanced technology ensures not only a stable power output but also optimizes energy efficiency, reducing waste and enhancing overall system performance. This makes the Studer range a preferred choice for those seeking a blend of reliability, efficiency, and long-term value in their power solutions.

Here’s what real users had to say about the Studer Range:

Francis Isangedighi reviewed the Studer Range in January of 2023 and gave it four out of five stars. He found the fact that it had an extensive threshold very encouraging and was enjoying trying it out in some fresh installation projects.

Ikechi gave the product five starts in 2020, saying that it worked really well and sympathetically improved their power by a large margin.

How to Choose?

The selection of inverters available for South African homes is diverse, with each model offering unique features tailored to different needs. The Victron Phoenix Range Pure Sine Wave Systems are renowned for their versatility and efficiency, making them a top choice for solar energy systems. The ST2X Home Inverter System with Charger is ideal for larger homes and hybrid systems, offering a balance of power and efficiency. For compact and versatile options, the X-Rack or Tower Pure Sine Wave Inverter is an excellent choice, while the Grid Tie Inverter offers reliability and safety for homes connected to the grid.

When selecting an inverter, customer ratings are only part of the picture. It’s crucial to consider the power consumption needs of your home, the compatibility with your system and the safety features essential in your area. Don’t worry, our power experts are here to help ensure you get the right size inverter for your unique setup. With the right inverter, you can enjoy stress-free continuous power that won’t let you down when you need it most, come load shedding and more.