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What is the Best Battery for Solar Storage?

How to Choose the Best Battery for Solar Storage

Are you thinking of going off the grid and using solar installations? The big question is where to start your search for the right battery. Comparing quotes and different battery technology can be confusing, to say the least.

We ensure that all our solar batteries meet the highest standard of safety requirements.

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your New Solar Battery

How can you determine which technical specs and what characteristics to look for? The home energy storage industry is a relatively new one. Not everyone you ask will have the right information you need. Solar batteries have no standardisation apart from safety features. That’s why it is important to do your research when investing in solar storage solutions.

  1. What battery capacity and battery life will my battery need to have to power my solar panels?
  2. Do I place my solar battery in full sunlight and will it work if it’s in the shade for some of the day?
  3. Will extreme temperatures affect the efficacy of my battery and does it come with a warranty from the battery manufacturer?
  4. Which type of battery can I use and are there different solar battery types to consider? You can ask about lithium batteries, deep cycle batteries, gel batteries, an acid battery, and even a flooded lead-acid battery.
  5. Will I need a battery backup system in case my solar battery isn’t charged?
  6. Will I be independent from the grid if we have a power outage?
  7. Are solar panel systems easy to install and service?
  8. Will my solar system require regular maintenance?
  9. Will I have solar power storage that delivers sufficient usable capacity for my needs?
  10. Is there enough room on my roof for more than one panel?

We can answer all these questions and more at PHD Powerhouse. Simply call or drop us a message to find out how you can install solar. We will advise you on which battery is best for your unique needs by looking at costs, efficiency, space requirements, application, and more.

What Benefits Should I Keep a Look Out for In a Solar Battery?

Solar power calls for solar storage batteries that differ from one to the next. For solar energy storage, you need to find batteries offering an extended period of power. Solar battery storage is dependent on the battery size. It also depends largely on the technical complexity.

These off grid systems present a variety of solutions and benefits. Are you looking for an emergency backup power solution, or is it being independent from a utility company that you are keen on? It can also cut your electricity bill and warm your water off-grid when cold temperatures hit.

South Africa has enough sunshine for continuous power. Solar power is an excellent form of renewable energy and an affordable option.

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We are here to answer any questions you might have about going solar. Are you thinking of going off of electric grid power anytime soon? Our range of off-grid solar batteries will take care of your solar system or help reduce your power consumption costs. Let us find the right solar panel battery for homes and businesses.

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