Backup Power Supply South Africa

Backup Power Supply South Africa

PHD is here to provide you with a seamless backup power supply through hours of load shedding. It will keep the lights on without noise and fumes. Our backup power solutions are 100% automatic.

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Why Do South Africans Need a Backup Power System in Place?

The effects of a power failure are not only frustrating. They have a devastating impact on our daily lives and businesses. Backup times should give us enough power until the lights return.

Income & Productivity.

Some of the negative effects of power outages on businesses include loss of income. Other negatives are loss of productivity.

Business Continuity.

With the right backup power systems in South Africa, there is no need to close the doors of your business.

Protecting Sensitive Equipment.

Other risk factors include security risks and damage to sensitive equipment. Backup systems offer surge protection for sensitive equipment against power surges when the light return.

Keeping Electronics Operational.

Power outages also affect electric fences, electronic doors, and automatic gates.


Many South Africans work remotely. Having no internet or online access is not only frustrating. It is counterproductive.

Here’s Why a UPS with an Efficient Battery Bank is a Need not a Want

Few home offices or small businesses don’t have efficient backup power solutions. A common battery backup system is an uninterruptible power supply.

UPS is a necessity for thousands of South Africans. They protect sensitive electronic equipment against an unstable power supply. Backup times are usually long enough until the power returns.

PHD Powerhouse offers a wide range of backup systems to homes and small businesses. There is seldom a need for a noisy generator when using a UPS as a power source. Choose a system with an efficient battery bank to keep your business or home functioning.

The only downside is that the recharge time between outages is often not enough. This is important for the batteries to get back 100% of its battery power. If you do not charge them long enough, you will lose battery capacity.


How Long Are UPS Back-Up Times?

The big question is how long are the back-up times of your UPS? Unstable power conditions and power consumption will dictate backup-times of your backup system. Different capacity systems will deliver different results.

Lead-acid batteries have limited lifespans and need replacing from time to time. We measure the service life of a lead-acid battery in cycles. These are from fully charged batteries to the depletion of them.

Constant refilling will diminish the lifespan of your battery. Eventually, as batteries die, they will only be able to provide half of their power output. Good quality batteries can last for up to 1,500 cycles.

Get a Good Backup Power Supply in South Africa with PHD

PHD is here to help you overcome the power challenges we face in South Africa. Get essential power protection against incoming power. Relying on grid power is not wise. Get efficient power devices during those long periods of darkness.