Avoid Data Centre Catastrophes With State-of-the-Art UPS Systems

DevelopmentUPSYou will now be able to avoid data centre catastrophes with state-of-the-art UPS systems. A UPS system – uninterruptible power supply, is a device that enables a computer to keep up and running for a period of time when the main power source goes down. It also offers protection from power dips and surges.

Your uninterruptible power supply contains a battery that kicks in when the device picks up a loss of power from the main power source.

For example, if you are using your computer when the UPS notifies you that there is a dip or a surge of power, you have sufficient time to save all your data you are working on and to exit safely before the secondary power source from the battery runs out.

When all the power runs out any data that is in your computer’s RAM (random access memory) is erased.

When power surges occur, your UPS system intercepts the surge, thus protecting your computer.

UPS in the data centre:

  • Each UPS converts incoming AC to DC through a rectifier and then convers it back with an inverter.
  • Flywheels and batteries store energy to use when the electricity fails.
  • A bypass circuit directs power around the rectifier and the inverter, thus running the IT load on incoming generator power or power from your utility.

VFI – Voltage and Frequency Independent UPS Systems:

These are referred to as Dual or Double conversion because the incoming AC is corrected to DC in order to keep the batteries charged and to drive the inverter.

The inverter then rebuilds steady AC power to run the IT equipment. So when the power fails, dips or surges occur, the batteries drive the inverter, which then continues to run the IT load.

When power is restored either from the generator or from your utility, the rectifier then delivers DC (direct current) to the inverter and simultaneously recharges the batteries.

The inverter runs all the time.

The utility input is completely isolated from the output and bypass is only used for maintenance safety, or if there is a failure of the electronics.

Because there is no break in the power that is delivered to the IT equipment vacuum fault interrupter (VFI) is usually considered to be the most robust form of UPS systems.

Most UPS systems synchronise the output frequency with the input frequency although this is not essential.

High-tech VFI systems claims better than 96% efficiency at nearly all loads.

Don’t be caught without invaluable UPS systems when the power goes out, dips or surges– this way you can continue to run your IT equipment whilst circumventing avoidable damage.