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How to Prevent Damage to Your Electronics during Load Shedding

Load shedding has become part of our lives. You need to do everything possible to prevent damaging your electronic devices. The best protection against damage due to power surges is prevention. Ensure you unplug all sensitive equipment and remove all your appliances from plugs and electrical outlets when you know load shedding is about to start or if there are lightning storms brewing. Read the rest

How to Fight Load Shedding in 2021

As load shedding becomes an everyday occurrence, you can apply many smart hacks. This will keep you happy and functioning. Eskom has upped its game and load shedding seems to be here to stay. At least for the immediate future. 

We cannot do anything about load shedding, but we can make it a more comfortable experience when it happens. Power outages are influencing the way we are working online. Read the rest

Everything You Need to Know About Protecting Your Electronics

Load shedding is here to stay. Your electrical appliances have probably experienced surges. Load shedding has had a negative effect on many electrical appliances. This has caused untold damage.  

6 Ways to Protect Expensive Electronics 

  1. Always unplug all your equipment. By unplugging your equipment, you will remove the power source. We experience damage to our appliances through power surges. The best protection is through prevention. 

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Why Protecting Your Devices Will Save You Money

You need to get smart by applying inexpensive safety measures. This will protect all your electrical devices. The instability in the power supply can wreak havoc on sensitive electrical equipment and could cause extensive damage. Your insurance service provider might not cover this expense. Check the fine print so that you know what they will cover. 

Surge protectors and UPS devices are more popular than ever before. Read the rest

All You Need to Know to Keep Your Business Running During Outages

You don’t need to close your doors when your power goes down. We face many challenges with power in South Africa. When load shedding hits, you don’t need to shut your shop and hotfoot it home. 

Load shedding is a sad reality, something everyone living in South Africa expects. You can take smart measures to lighten the burden when this happens and keep your business flourishing. Read the rest

Some of The Reasons People Are Choosing Solar

We are all facing power struggles. This is in our personal and business capacity. As the power grid struggles to keep up with an ever-growing world, the reasons for more power are becoming obvious. 


South Africa enjoys many days of sunshine. And it is free! Taking advantage of what is so readily available is the smart thing to do. 


What You Need to Know About Solar Energy. Read the rest

How to Tell If You’ve Had a Power Surge

We live our lives around the convenience of electricity. This includes everything from computers to household appliances. We need to take all the steps to protect our electric appliances and gadgets from harmful power surges. 

You will soon realise there has been a power surgeThere are a few signs that may show your appliance or device experienced a power surge: 

  • The lights of digital devices and clocks will flash 
  • Devices stop working or are switched off 
  • A burnt, acidic acrid smell will emanate from the device
  • Surge protectors need resetting 

What is a Power Surge?

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What Is Eco-Tourism? The Top Five Eco-Friendly Lodges in Africa

Eco-tourism is about leaving your footprints softly on the Earth. The elephants that live around these wild places should leave the only heavy footprints. Source lodges and safari camps when traversing the content of Africa that take eco-tourism seriously. 

Choose safari lodges serious about preserving wildlife. Also, those that support the communities that live in the surrounding areas. Read the rest

Get Solar For Your Business and Save Money

Installing Solar in your Small to Medium-Sized Business Can Save You Money

Large blue-chip companies are benefiting from the installation of solar, but the big question is whether solar will benefit your small to medium-sized enterprise. One would presume this is about costs and expenses with many big businesses having access to unlimited budgets for solar installation. 

Truth be told is that solar installation for businesses holds the promise of saving money in the long-term and before long the money spent on the installation costs will pay for itself time and again. Read the rest