Are You an Eco-Friendly Traveller?

We all try to do a little bit to save electricity when we are at home – but when you are travelling would you consider yourself to be an eco-friendly traveller? 

Being an energy-smart and thoughtful guest can make a difference to the environment, even if it is only a little bit – remember that every little bit helps. 

You need to ask yourself a couple of questions about the way you travel and how you can make a difference even when you are away from home. 

  • Do you fill the kettle with only the amount of water that you need for that delicious cup of tea or coffee, or do you go the whole way and fill it right to the top?
  • How respectful are you when it comes to leaving the air conditioning running when you leave the room? Do you switch it off when you are not there, or do you simply keep it running regardless? Consider switching the air conditioner onto the energy-saving “golden zone” to save the most.
  • Whenever possible, do you open the windows to cool off your room instead of using energy-guzzling air conditioners?
  • Taking showers instead of filling the bath to the top for a long soak will save water, even when you are away from home. Are you doing this when travelling?
  • Do you switch off all electrical appliances when you leave your room when away from home – these include television sets, laptops and cell phone chargers? These are all power guzzlers.
  • Do you leave the lights on in your room when you leave the room, or do you switch these off? Some international hotel rooms lights only go on once you use the key card to gain access, which is a smart way to save on electricity.
  • Is the water that you use in the basin left to run when you brush your teeth, or do you respectfully turn off the tap so as not to waste a drop? 
  • Do you open and close the fridge unnecessarily, knowing full well that the cold air escapes and warm air enters causing it to use more power than is necessary?  

We are faced with numerous challenges – droughts, power outages, load shedding and more. Even when we travel overseas, it is important to do our bit to make the world a better place. Saving water and saving electricity on all fronts will make a positive impact on the world around you. 

Being an eco-friendly traveller is about respecting the world in which we live. The steps you take to save power and water will become a habit even when you are away from home.