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What Are the Advantages of Using a Voltage Stabilizer for Your Home and Business?

Voltage stabilizers are a vital component of any home or business electrical system. They provide protection against power surges and fluctuations, ensuring that your electronics and appliances remain safe and running efficiently. They also help reduce your electricity bill by regulating the amount of power flowing into your home or office.

What is a Voltage Stabilizer?

A voltage stabilizer is a piece of equipment that keeps the voltage that runs to your appliances and machinery stable. With all the load-shedding we face in South Africa, voltage surges are common. That’s why it’s important for home- and business-owners to protect their electronic devices and electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations.

Why Use a Voltage Stabilizer?

• Protects your Electrical Appliances

Voltage dips can cause irreparable damage to electrical and electronic equipment. A voltage stabilizer will ensure that your devices continue to run smoothly even when the voltage is unstable. Ultimately, they protect your electronic appliances from being destroyed due to voltage fluctuations.

• Saves You Money

Should your appliances get damaged due to unstable voltage, it’s going to cost you money to replace them. Even if you’re insured, you’d likely pay an excess to get a new device. But with a voltage stabilizer, you never have to worry again about replacing broken equipment due to surges.

In addition to this, they’re highly energy efficient, which saves, money on your electricity bill too.

• Improves the Durability of Your Electrical Appliances

Voltage surges don’t always break electronics immediately; however, over time, when the voltage is unstable repeatedly, it can eventually lead to a complete breakdown of that item. Voltage Stabilizers prevent this long-term damage from occurring.

Types of Voltage Stabilizers

At PHD Powerhouse, we offer four types of voltage stabilizers: servo type, electronic type, supervolt, and isolation transformers.

  1. Servo type. These provide a continuous voltage output to avoid the damaging effects of unstable voltage.
  2. Electronic type. These come in both indoor and outdoor variations. The indoor units are available in either single-phase or three-phase power. The outdoor variant comes with an optional outdoor enclosure to keep it safe.
  3. Supervolt. Our supervolt transformers offer constant voltage of 230V, although we can assist if other voltages are required.
  4. Isolation transformers. These transfer electrical power from AC to sensitive equipment to prevent electric shocks.

Voltage stabilizers are good for more than just what it says on the tin. Besides their basic stabilising function, they can come with other features such as zero voltage switching, voltage cut off display, an output start -and -stop mechanism, manual/auto start, voltage cutoff, and more. Get yours from us today!