A Switch Mode Rectifier Will Suit A Wide Range of Applications

Providing Switch Mode Rectifiers and customising these to suit a wide range of applications is all-important.

Select the one best suited to your needs – with the latest innovative, technologically-advanced air and water-cooled switch mode DC-power models, you simply cannot go wrong.

Keep a look out for the most ground-breaking designs. It is important to use Switch Mode Rectifier suppliers that are professional and able to provide users right across the board with the best installation and operational advantages.

There are many advantages when making use of Switch Mode Power Rectifiers – these include:

  •         The design is compact – use wall, modular and rack structures – because the package is smaller, the               configuration will be neat and unobtrusive.
  •         Switch Mode Rectifiers will save businesses money – they are cheaper to run than conventional SCR             Units.
  •         High switching frequency enables less ripple.
  •         Many businesses will select and enjoy a precisely–controlled high current DC output with <2% AC Vrms             content.
  •         Higher efficiency provides for a faster control loop.
  •         You can now choose from a variety of models.

How your Switch Mode Rectifiers Works:

  •         The Switch Mode DC power supply is a solid state AC to DC power conversion configuration.
  •         This arrangement operates by correcting the AC input to an unfettered DC voltage.
  •         This transitional DC voltage is then cut using pulse-width modulation through an H-Bridge formation into         a high-frequency transformer.
  •         The output of the transformer is corrected and filtered to provide an exact controlled high current output.