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6 Small and Medium-Sized Business That Use the Most Energy

Small to medium-sized businesses must watch their energy consumption once they are up and running. It is easy for power usage to spiral out of control. Get your utility to assist with breaking down exactly where the energy costs are being used. 

These six businesses are the biggest culprits for using the most energy 

  • Car Dealerships 
  • Grocery outlets 
  • Bakeries 
  • Restaurants 
  • Convenience stores 
  • Hotels and Motels 

Why car dealerships use so much energy 

Perhaps the three biggest causes of using so much energy in the car dealership industry would be lighting, lighting and lighting! A showroom without bright lights would be equal to a rainbow without colours. 

Car dealerships require plenty of bright light to function properly. Car showrooms require plenty of bright lights to light of showrooms to be able to view cars to enjoy the best view possible to look inviting and put their best foot forward. Additionally, car showrooms require bright lights to ensure the vehicles are kept safely. Furthermore, air conditioning units and heating of buildings combined with computer costs and security systems combined with service centre equipment power needs. A small percentage of reduction of power usage by dealerships throughout the country will result in massive savings. 

It is important to pinpoint which equipment is using the most power – this can be done by a process of elimination when the equipment is not in use. Replace lighting with more efficient lighting systems, insulate your doors, and install eco-friendly heating and air conditioning units. 

Why grocery outlets, bakeries, restaurants and convenience outletuse so much energyHere are some of the reasons why these businesses using so much energy 

Refrigeration and kitchen costs can add up. Grocery stores and convenience shops that have bakeries and delis attached to them need to ensure that their refrigeration is kept in peak condition 

Grocery stores that have bakeries and delis have to factor in costs of kitchen equipment. Ovens will be part of this. Bakeries and restaurants have these costs too. Costs that include lighting, heating and cooling for the comfort of customers need to be calculated into these costs. Factor lighting in, too, if the facility is open after work hours. 

Convenience stores and garage combinations use a massive amount of electricity as these bright lights light up the pumps day and night. The power used will be quite substantial. 

And convenience stores that have gas stations attached, with their bright lights by the pumps? That power bill is going to be even bigger.  

All the above businesses should consider switching to closed lighting cases and installing efficient HVAC systems (HVAC equipment has a control system that regulates the heating and air conditioning). 

Consider installing solar panels to make your business run more efficiently. The savings on energy can give the SME a financial boost when profits are low. 

Why motels and hotels use so much energy 

Motels and hotels are establishments that are open for 24 hours a day; therefore, they use huge amounts of lighting and energy. Guests who stay over in hotels and motels blast air conditioning and often leave the lights blazing. 

Fit lights that only come on automatically when the door is unlocked. Make changes is by using as much natural light as possible – large windows that let natural light into the rooms when unoccupied or being cleaned. Lobbies that have natural light streaming through windows is a great idea. Increasing natural light and modifying landscaping will protect buildings naturally from harsh sunlight and the relentless summer sun. 

These six SMEs can find numerous ways to reduce costs, save masses of energy and make their businesses run more profitably. Change the way you think and the way you use energy – begin by evaluating your power usage.