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6 Clever Ways to Save on Your Utility Bill

For many homes and businesses, the electricity bill is perhaps one account that seems to remain high no matter how hard you try. With so many individuals now working remotely from their home offices, this is perhaps the best time to cut back and find smart ways to put money back into your pocket. 

By running the usual electronics from your home or office, this could add on as much as 20% to your power bill. This does not include the heating of water and cooling your premises using air conditioning units. 

Here Are Six Clever Ways to Save Electricity 

  • Switch all your light bulbs to energysaving globes. This should be the very first step to take when embarking on an energy-saving exercise. Low energy light bulbs use as much as 70 to 90 % less energy than other bulbs. Low energy light bulbs also last a lot longer 
  • Programme your thermostat on your geyser – consider this as a huge saver of energy especially during the cold winter months. Set your thermostat according to your schedule which will mean you won’t have a cold shower if you forget to switch your geyser back on 
  • Make your windows work for you. Open the shades in the winter to let the warm sunshine in and in summer consider installing plastic window blinds that will filter the harsh sunlight to a large degree, cutting down on costs of air conditioning units and fans. The sun might not replace heating entirely, but it certainly will make a difference to your electricity bills during winter 
  • Invest in energy-saving appliances wherever possible. This could include washing machines, dishwashers, or combination fax, printer, and copier machines. Machines that perform duel functions that are light on energy bills, such as washer/dryer machines and multiple function office machines are great moneysavers, plus they save space. Many of us are working from home; therefore, it is important to make everything work as economically as possible 
  • Switch off your electrical devices wherever possible as many of these are in standby mode and gobble energy even when not switched on. They are referred to as being vampire appliances. 
  • Remove all chargers from plug outlets as these consume energy even when not being used 


These are a few ways to save on your power bills. Installing solar will also make a huge difference when looking at long-term ways to save power and becoming independent from the grid. PHD offers solar solutions – why not make the switch today?