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5 Tips to Protect Your Electronics

With load shedding rearing its ugly head once again, it is obvious that this is something that will be staying with us for many months and years to come. Power cuts can play havoc on your electrical appliances and can have a devastating impact on electrical appliances. 

There are many ways you can protect your appliances against these powerful surges. It is no secret that load shedding has had a devastating impact on numerous electronics and electrical appliances. 

Five Smart Tips to Protect Your Appliances 

  • Try Disconnecting Whatever You Can  

Unplugging your fridge, TV, computer and any other electrical appliances from the wall to avoid damages. Bear in mind that if something is not plugged into a wall socket it simply cannot be damaged. This will save energy, protect your appliance and ensure you and your family are safe. There are many ways to protect your appliances, but the very best one would be unplugging your electric appliances. The moment load shedding starts, pull your plugs out – prevention is better than cure. 

  • Surge Protectors Play a Major Role 

Surge protectors will assist with protecting your electronic equipment. Get a surge protector for your electrical mains board and adaptor protectors. These are readily available from PHD Powerhouse where you can get all your power protection devices. Power protection is great in that excess power is diverted into a grounding wire. Only ever use a professional electrician to install power protectors on your DB board. Call PHD Powerhouse for further information regarding surge protectors. 

  • UPS Systems Are A Must When Protecting Against Load Shedding 

Many of us are now working from home especially after lockdown as a result of COVID19. The way many businesses have changed, and the added pressure of load shedding will add to our woes. A UPS system is a good solution for your electronic equipment when there are dips and surges – this is a great way to protect your modem and router especially as we are so reliant on these.  

  • How Does Your Insurance Pay Out When Electronic Equipment Is Damaged 

Some insurance houses cover your electrical appliances and sensitive electronics as a result of power surges, yet again some don’t. Read the fine print and ask your insurance service provider whether you are covered for these claims. Revisiting your insurance policy is a smart move although it does not fall under the prevention of damages occurring to your appliances. 

  • Surge Protection Power Strips Are Practical and Inexpensive 

Surge protection power strips are a great way to protect your appliances and it does not cost a lot either! The power strips come equipped with a fuse that will fail should there be a surge in the power utility, thus cutting out appliances that are plugged in. This is a cheap and easy way to protect your appliances. 

The PHD Powerhouse Difference 

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