5 Reasons Going Solar in South Africa is a Good Idea

The South African climate is ideally geared towards efficient solar. Most parts of South Africa enjoy an overabundance of sunshine annually. In some areas, South Africa has more than 2,500 hours of sunshine per year.

This is one of the highest in the world. We are perfectly positioned on the Equator and an ideal location for solar installation to be successful. The more light that solar panels receive, the more energy is generated. Solar can work on cloudy days, too.

5 Excellent Reasons for Getting Solar in South Africa


1. Clean Energy with No Non-Renewable Waste.

Solar energy is a clean and good for the environment. There are no emissions or pollutants created when using solar. This is unlike non-renewable power options.

Because solar produces no emissions and fumes, they do not need filters. Solar creates very little waste.

2. Energy Availability Factor in our Country.

Solar power gives you energy security. It is reliable, offering peace of mind. Rolling power cuts are here to stay.

Discovering alternative solutions is key. Solar is a reliable source of energy you can rely on, since it provides energy security. You won’t go through brown outs and blackouts with the rest of your neighbours who are on the main power grid.

As energy demands increase in our country, it becomes more vital to find other options. We can help our national power company meet their power requirement by installing solar. to supplement or replace grid power.

3. Protecting the Environment.

Solar panels produce zero carbon emissions. Reduce electricity consumption by installing solar. The capital cost of installation is soon recovered.

Get power stability and enjoy sustainable energy instead. Do your part by installing solar panels and a full solar system in your home or at your office. Solar is natural, and it can help reduce global warming.

4. Get Independant from the Grid.

Solar power gives you independence from the power grid. This is especially useful during load shedding. This form of clean energy will give you excess energy from the sun.

The utility grid is not stable. It is, therefore, important that we put solar action plans in place and use solar technology. With it, you can save on electricity bills and cut your reliance on other providers. Your electricity expenditure can drop drastically or even go down to zero depending on the solar power installation you go with.

With power demand growth, solar is the best way to get your energy independence. This form of clean power is free for all to use. Solar companies should be your partner of choice as the lights go out.

Reduce the carbon emission non-renewable uses. Use solar instead. This is one of the best breakthrough technologies everyone can use.

5. Create Jobs.

Solar power is creating jobs. Everyone involved in solar, from the sales people to the truck drivers, performs tasks. For this reason, the installation of solar panels on your home is supporting the small business sector.

Manufacturing of solar panels and the installation of solar systems creates jobs. Each job in the renewable energy sector is an opportunity to help our country flourish. If you are looking for solar energy solutions, PHD Powerhouse can help.

Use Solar and Keep the Lights On with PHD Powerhouse

You can reduce your environmental footprint with solar energy. This clean power will keep your lights on and save you money. Contact our team of professionals at PHD Powerhouse and find out everything about solar energy.

Are you ready to go independent from the energy sector? Are you serious about the environment? Let us help you keep the lights on and power your world with our state-of-the-art products. Solar is the best option for clean power without the cost.