Why Protecting Your Devices Will Save You Money

You need to get smart by applying inexpensive safety measures. This will protect all your electrical devices. The instability in the power supply can wreak havoc on sensitive electrical equipment and could cause extensive damage. Your insurance service provider might not cover this expense. Check the fine print so that you know what they will cover. 

Surge protectors and UPS devices are more popular than ever before. Read the rest

All You Need to Know to Keep Your Business Running During Outages

You don’t need to close your doors when your power goes down. We face many challenges with power in South Africa. When load shedding hits, you don’t need to shut your shop and hotfoot it home. 

Load shedding is a sad reality, something everyone living in South Africa expects. You can take smart measures to lighten the burden when this happens and keep your business flourishing. Read the rest