Battery Backup Systems

Battery Backup Systems

Important Stuff You Need to Know About Battery Backup Systems

Granted an inexpensive power strip might do the job quite adequately to protect your computer or other equipment from power dips and hikes but it will not help when it comes to power outages and when your systems come to a halting crash.

There is important stuff you need to know about battery backup systems – something that everyone should know if they have experienced power dips and spikes or rolling blackouts.

Did you know that the sudden loss of power as well as power surges are two of the chief reasons for the damage done to computers as well as other sensitive electronic equipment?

Choose surge protectors – even the cheaper power strips – to protect against power surges, although these often won’t protect equipment against drops in line voltage, blackouts, brownouts and other power supply problems that most of us are facing in South Africa.

To protect your valuable computer equipment against any power issues, a battery backup system is necessary – which is also referred to as UPS or Uninterruptable Power Supply.

These units act as a cushion to protect all your electrical equipment against any irregularities in your utilities power supply; protection lasting anything from a couple of seconds to as much as an hour – all depending on the size of the UPS unit.

Battery backup systems will allow you enough time to save all the work conducted on your PC without any interruptions.

Most failures of hardware can be directly attributed to any stress the hardware components experienced during the shut-down as well as the starting-up process – this is particularly in the instances where blackouts and power surges occurred.

If nothing else, your battery backup system will enable you to shut down your computer with grace when blackouts occur – this is the case even with a small UPS unit; furthermore the ability to carry on working on your PC even during intense storms make this a viable option.

Don’t let power outages leave you and your family in the dark or permit your work or business to grind to a halt when the lights go out.

Instead – always be prepared for the unexpected and for emergencies by installing state-of-the-art battery backup systems to protect your expensive computer equipment.