Power Inverters

Always Ensure You Install Power Inverters Correctly

All AC equipment that can be found in retail stores has been specially designed to run off a pure sinewave wave form – this includes equipment such as motors, computers as well as certain lights, not to mention the numerous other sensitive electrical paraphernalia.

The standard AC mains that we get from Eskom is of an untainted sinewave nature – this means that these waves experience very little distortion to any outside interference which includes lightning and massive AC loads.




The internal working parts of power inverters and UPS, inverts the incoming DC voltage into sinewave waves – but due to the complexity of these parts, the result would be that investing in power inverters could prove to be a costly exercise.

Sine waves have been re-created to save costs; modified sinewave inverters as well as UPS systems simply switch from the DC supply between positive and negative poles to offer you a simulated sinewave wave.

Modified sinewave inverters and UPS systems are inexpensive to manufacture but could be very costly if these are installed into the wrong equipment.

Anything with a high inrush or high speed control or equipment with sensitive data should be connected to the correct power inverters to avoid damage.

It is imperative to take special note that certain UPS systems – most particularly the 600 VA which falls under the desk-type UPS systems, are included in the modified sinewave categories. Because computers only run off power inverters for short periods of time when power outages occur, they are far less likely to be damaged from modified wave forms.

For those that don’t know the difference – there are certain distinct advantages of pure sine wave power inverters over modified sine wave power inverters.

These include:

  • The output voltage wave form is pure sine wave with very low distortion and pure power such as the electricity supplied by Eskom.
  • Certain appliances and equipment will enjoy better speed – these include motors, microwave ovens as well as other devices – furthermore, these appliances will also enjoy running smoother, cooler and quieter.
  • Crashes in computers will be reduced as well as glitches in sensitive office equipment and a reduction in the noise in monitors will also be noticeable.
  • Some of the devices that will not usually operate with modified sine wave power inverters include:

Laser printers, some laptops, pellet stoves with microprocessors, digital radio clocks, certain power tools, to mention a few of the many.