Home Solar Systems

There are many Questions Asked Regarding Home Solar Systems

For those looking for an alternative way of powering their homes in South Africa, the answer is easy – home solar systems!

Thing is, how exactly does a home solar system work?

  • A PV – otherwise known as a Photovoltaic Solar System, consists of solar panels, racks for placing the panels onto your roof, an inverter and wiring.
  • From sun-up to sun-down the solar panels generate electricity which is transmitted to an inverter.
  • The inverter in turn then converts this DC power into AC (Alternating Current) which is the standard used in most households.
  • AC power is then delivered directly to the main electrical service panel of your home.


Another oft-asked question is – how long will your solar system last – are you in for the long or the short-haul?

 Systems can last anything from twenty five to forty five years, although some have been known to last even longer than this.

Does shade and grey days affect the efficiency of your home solar system?

Because solar operates at optimal output when the sun shines brightly, shading could prove to be an issue.

Unlike the early days of solar power when systems had to be sized for peak loads, a grid-connected PV system will seamlessly switch to draw from the utility grid when power is required.

Your solar system has been designed with an annual production target; in other words it has been specifically created to average out sunnier days with cloudy days; a win-win set-up all round.

Will the value of your home be augmented by installing a home solar system?

 In today’s world where power is a challenge, any improvement will add value to your home. For those individuals planning to go off the grid entirely, this could be a cost-saver and will ensure your lights are left on even when the power goes off in your neighbourhood.

Statistics have indicated that homes that are driven by solar appreciate about 17% and sell in the region of about 20% faster on average.

Typically a return on investment is in the region of about 15 to 20%.

Once you have made a decision to install home solar systems, you need to ensure that the system is in proportion to the amount of power you use.